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Stay Calm and Color

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

I remember coloring as a kid and how it would make feel like an artist and how I would allow my imagination to flow freely using an array of colors from the crayon box.
Last year, I noticed there were coloring books for adults on the market and I wanted to try one.
These books come with different intricate designs such as this one called "Coloring Flower Mandalas by Wendy Piersall.
Kuddos to Wendy, who hand drew these designs they are certainly detailed complex and beautiful.

These types of coloring books are supposed to be calming and relaxing.
My emotions, since I hadn't colored in years, was excitement at first, waiting to use my vast number of sharpened colored pencils to bring Wendy's designs into a colorful adventure.

I admit at first it was calming and brought back those memories as a kid but then it also became a bit frustrating because I felt I had to finish and didn't have enough time to do so.
Looking at all these patterns are overwhelming and I had to decide if I should color each detailing differently, uniquely, separately or just parade my colored pencil across the page.

Well, I decided to color one part at a time and just relax and say to myself "so what if I don't finish the page in one day, I'll put it down and in a couple of days come back to it. And that's exactly what I have been doing.

I also let my 10 yr old daughter share in on the fun even though it was momma's special coloring book. She too was over whelmed with all the designs but she finally chose a page and brought forth a beautiful colorful master piece.
I finally finished a page and my daughter is working on another one already but of course she has more time on her hands.

Here are some of the beautiful patterns included in this 30 page book and you can find it on Ulysses Press .

My baby girl's coloring page:)

And the one she is working on, as you can see she is becoming more detailed in her coloring as well.

The page that felt like forever for me to finish. LOL

And Voila even my daughter had a part in coloring one butterfly;)

I'm glad I own this book and I can go to it whenever I want without rush and I can stay calm and color.
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The New Braiding Handbook

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

When you think of a Side French braid and your new to braiding like I am, you probably want to pull your own strands out because of the so many failed attempts you either tried on yourself or on someone else.

Yep that's me! For some reason, I can't seem to get the principles on doing that particular braid. 
Again, I learned a three strand braid at age 30 so I'm way behind to begin with. Lol

But not really, because of this new book called The New Braiding Handbook 60 Modern Twists on Classic Hairstyles, lol long title I know, I was able to make a nicer not messy Side French braid.

This book by Abby Smith is great for beginners like moi and for those who want to up their braiding game by adding and combining them with different hairstyles.

These hairstyles are beautiful in this book and with lots of practice and basic braiding principles these styles can be achieved.

Abby details her book with the basic hair tools you will need to get started, the basic hair types and the basic Techniques.

The Braids beautifully illustrated in the book are:

I absolutely love this Bohemian Crown Braid...

Here's a style in the book that is not a braid but it's great to know this little secret used on celebrities.
I tried it and it looked good.

Here's the Side French braid I did on my Barbie Doll head.
I was excited! I learned! and it looked neat and not messy this time.
Of course, it's not perfected but I will keep on practicing so I can do it on myself and on my daughter.

Oh yes! here's another type of braid in the book it's called a Rope braid.

Again, Barbie was my hair model lol

The New Braiding Handbook will never go out of style and I'm keeping it in my library.

You can obtain a copy here : The New Braiding Handbook  and it's published by Ulysses Press

If you are a beginner like me then this book should definately be in your library as well.

Abby is also a Blogger and Christian Singer:)
Here's her blog: Twist Me Pretty

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