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A Ring Light Selfie

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Press Sample: Product given for Testing and Review Purposes.

I have seen large ring lights in beauty videos but not one for a cell phone which is really cool and convenient to own, especially if you want good lighting in pictures and there is none.
I take a lot of selfies and photos and when I take them in my house, it's kind of disappointing because my house is dark and then when the sun is shining, I have to stand by the same window.
With this selfie ring that holds 2 AAA batteries, its very easy to slip on my iPhone 5 and it creates 3 light settings when you press on the power button located on the top. I also like that the lights are super bright almost like those fancy high end magnified beauty mirrors with the LED daylight lighting.
I was worried if the ring light would scratch my phone but it has a rubber padding on both sides when you open the clip to clasp it on your phone. It really looks like a huge clip with lights and it weights a little bit when on the phone but it is a really unique and great product.
The ring light works in the dark and creates the perfect lighting. It works with the front facing and rear camera of the phone which is terrific.
I have some examples below showing how I used the ring light and the 3 different light setting modes. No flash was needed to achieve the pictures in the dark. I think this product is really fun and really great to bump up my selfies and photos in general, making them look more professional bright and vivid. This gadget can also be used on other smart phones, tablets and laptops for face time or video recording. Too cool!

Price: $21.99 
Where: Amazon

And here's a product selfie I took for Amazing Cosmetics using the ring light:)
If you want to know more about this Amazing Concealer Click my Instagram

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Taking Selfies Just Got Easier With The Wireless Shutter Case


The product I will be reviewing today is a very neat gadget. Well, the gadget itself is a remote button that is attached to an iPhone 5 case. Interesting right? Well I definitely thought so, I wanted to give this product a try so I purchased it for 5 dollars through this FaceBook site called Buy Wholesale Cheap. If you are an Amazon Prime member the site gives you discount codes to purchase products for less on Amazon. Here's my prime link if you would like to join so that you too can get codes on great products and Free 2 Day shipping on your purchases.

Now let's get back to this fantastic product!

Who's into selfless? or taking pictures? I am, well almost everyone is lol
So let's get started with this nifty innovative case.

The iPhone Case is called the Wireless Shutter Case. It comes in a variety of colors 

but I chose black although pink is my favorite color but I wasn't sure how bright pink the case was going to be. So I went safe with the black.

I'm very relieved the packaging comes with instructions or else I'd be a little lost as how to function the case and it's capability functions.

But Yay, I managed and it worked, even the little remote was a little hard to get out but when you slide it out from the cellphone case it comes out very easily.

The case is really sturdy and very classy and sleek looking, it almost has a rubbery texture to it but it looks great.
On the inside of the case it has a velvet or felt like feel to protect the inside of your iPhone. On the Outside it has the the little remote that blends in with the case.

Now for the Fun! The remote is Bluetooth activated so you need to connect your settings on your phone and turn on the remote with a touch of the button, A blue flashing light will appear once you pair it with the settings.

After you do that then click your camera app and smile and shoot!
It's actually easier then trying to press your camera phone shutter to take a pic, I always have a little difficulty reaching the side and front buttons on my iPhone 5. I manage but whoa this remote is quicker and more efficient for my Selfie or  Picture needs because it can be used for the back or front side of the camera:)
You can even film on your phone with ease with this remote.

This product is going to make my Selfies a Cinch!

Here are some examples of me testing the Wireless Shutter case.
Be warned I have on the No Makeup Makeup Look. lol


 This is with the front side of the camera

And this is using the backside of the camera which is always better:)

                Just pose,press and smile:)

You can checkout the Wireless Shutter Case on Amazon

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