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Michael Kors on Ottica.Com

Press SampleProduct given for testing and review purposes

Thanks to Ottica eyewear company, I was able to pick out a frame I liked and review it. 
Their site is very easy to navigate on, it saves your uploaded photos to see how you look in their frames and it saves your prescription. I saw many frames on the site that I liked and was torn with all the beautiful styles ranging from designers like Coach, Versace, Burberry, Tory Burch among others but I went with vintage and classy with Michael Kors in Tabitha.

These Michael Kors frames in Tabitha are very beautiful and they go with my face shape and fun personality. 
The design has a cat eye appeal. The legs are black with the Mickel Kors emblem and they have gold glitter like particles embedded in them.

I never owned transaction eyewear so I ordered these in transitions to function as both glasses and sunglasses. It's really convenient because I do not need to carry around sunglasses either.
These glasses do take getting used to. In the beginning, I had eye strain and they were a bit snug but now over time they are feeling better.
I really like these they photograph nicely and they get dark in the sun after a few minutes. 

The packaging is really nice as well. They come in a Micheal Kors case with a cleaning cloth with the name printed on it as well. Also, Ottica sent me a black card with a discount code and my prescription is printed on it for safe keeping.
As for the white case, it's a bit big an bulky for me, I like slimmer cases but it's good if you carry larger handbags.

Overall, this is a great site for designer eyewear and the prices are good too, being that they are designer frames and shipping takes about 2 weeks. They offer Free shipping, Free returns, 365 day warranty and complimentary lenses with each purchase. has a special going on just go to the site and see what best suits you. The transitions lenses are extra and UV coating. The total cost for my frames including lenses were $204.00 and since I was given a credit coupon to shop, all that came out of my pocket was 4 bucks. I definitely got blessed to do this review. Thanks again Ottica!

                            Here is a mini photo shoot in Michael Kors Tabitha:)


The longer you are in the sun the darker they become.

Stay tuned for more posts from The Color Wheel Gallery💋

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Arctic Fox Virgin Pink

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Hi all,
I'm so giddy about today's post because my hair just took a turn for the brightest and vivid color ever.
I had no intention of getting it so in yo face lol but after it was all done and left on my hair for 2 hours and 40 minutes, the results were out of this world.
Ok, so remember how I said in my last post, I was going to try a new hair dye by Arctic Fox?
Well, I went for it and got it on Amazon in the color Virgin Pink for $10.99.

It totally smells like grape candy no kidding and it's very pigmented. You can choose to dilute it with white conditioner or their Arctic Mist to make it a pastel or a diffrent pink.
I decided to take the strand test method for 30 minutes and the pre softening gray method for 15 minutes to achieve the first round of color preference. In the picture below, you will see that strand is more of a cooler soft pink which made me excited and my gray was grabbing the color as well.

Again, I'm new into these fantasy colors so I'm bound to make mistakes. When I was ready to do my whole head, I decided to leave the color way longer and Boom the pictures speak for themselves. I know the color will fade which will be nice if it fades to a beautiful toned down pink. But I'm super impressed with this product and how well it took my gray as well. So far I give Arctic Fox Virgin Pink 2 thumbs up :) and it did not stain my pillowcase. Yay!

                                                    My before

What I was expecting! this was my 30 min strand test

What I got!
My hubby said I reminded him of the movie Trolls. LOL
This color is Amazing!

All dolled up! Virgin Pink even grabbed some of my darker hair as well.

Stay tuned for my next post on The Color Wheel Gallery

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Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink

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There are so many fantasy hair color semi permanent dyes out there that it's so hard to choose especially since I'm a newbie into it. When I first got my hair colored, it was with Pravana Vivids Pink which is a great high quality dye but it is not as accessible as others that you can purchase at Sally's. After my initial color, I went to Salon Centric because I have a friend that is a hairdresser and she has access to the supplies but since I'm not, I went with her and I bought two tubes of Pravana Vivids Pink under her card.
All I have left is a bit of the second tube since I mixed it in with my conditioner which was great but then I would run out when I would have to recolor again. So, I renewed my membership with Sally's for 5 bucks for the year and I got a 50% off coupon and used it to buy my first jar of Manic Panic in Cotton Candy Pink without knowing if it would work or not. To my surprise, this dye worked great and I did not dilute it to make it pastel. I used it straight from the little tub it came in, saturated my whole head and the color took instantly, even most of my white hair in the front which was cool because that part is not bleached.
I left on the dye for 3 hours and rinsed it off with cool water and voila the shade of pink was vivid and beautiful and more cool pinky toned than the Pravana, which gave me a more lilac mauvey pink hue.
This dye did not make a mess, stain my pillowcase or clothing maybe because it was a lighter shade from the collection. It is also very pigmented but now I have to test it to see how long it will last on my highlighted locks.
In my previous post, I mentioned some tips that I use to keep the color from fading so hopefully it will work with this color as well.

I'm really excited with this new hair change. I'm having fun at 42!
Here are my before and after pictures using the manic panic in Cotton Candy Pink.

                                          Here's a before without flash, Pravana pink does fade nicely.
With flash and the Cotton Candy Pink in the daylight

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The Sephora and Ulta Birthday Gift for 2017

Happy 2017 friends,
I just turned 42 on Dec 26 and I had to grab my birthday offers from Ulta and Sephora. So, if you have an upcoming birthday this year, sign up here for free for the Sephora Beauty Insider Program and the Ulta Ultamate Rewards Program and you too can get goodies on your special day.
I was very excited for the Sephora gift for 2017 because the Tarte brand was going to be part of it. I only own the Tarte mascara and because I got the gift on Dec 31, I was able to get the Tarte set. Yay!  if not if was either a Marc Jacobs gift set of 2016 or a soy face cleanser by Fresh and unfortunately Marc jacobs was all out in the stores near me and my heart was not set on the cleanser.
Now, on to to the Tarte birthday gift, you get an exclusive shade in their 12 hour Amazonian clay blush called Paaarty and their lip paint in Birthday Suit.

This is such a cute nude set and the colors matched my skin tone wonderfully. In the picture below, I am wearing the blush as my eyeshadow crease color and of course on my cheeks and the lippie Birthday Suit on my lips. I am very pleased with theses goodies:)

Now on to the Ulta gift. Urban Decay is the brand being featured and a great brand it is. I'm not sure if other Ulta stores had different shades but mine was Midnight Cowboy a very loved and hated shadow because of the glitter particles. LOL Be warned it does have glitter fall out so either put it on before makeup application or place an eye shield or tissue under your eye to prevent the dreaded disco ball face.
Nonetheless, this is a very beautiful champagne pink color with silver glitter Here is the swatch below...

And Im wearing it on my lids in this IG pic I posted.

So friends make sure to sign up for these programs to get in on on these goodies and more from Sephora and Ulta.

Sincerely, The Color Wheel Gallery💋

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Let's Talk about Hair Shadowing and Chalk Moussing


Since I was a little girl, I have always liked the color pink and now at the age of 41, I still feel the same way.
I have been letting my gray grow out for 3 years now and it has been a not so easy but beautiful journey. The not so easy part was growing it out in stages, being three toned. LOL After the transition, I felt confident and liberated.
The pattern on my hair is unique and I have learned to accept it. I have not fully gone gray yet so I do not know the turnout but for now I’m happy. However, just because I let my gray in and decided not to dye my hair anymore does not mean I can’t have a different color or colors from time to time to change it up and have fun.
I’m talking about color that will wash out easily and does no harm to the tresses. I happened to really like the Pink hair trend and so I own a pink wig but it ’s too long to wear all the time so I did a post on one of the gray groups I belong to and asked for some hair advice on what sprays work best for temporary hair color. I really didn’t get an answer to the spray but Alison who happens to be a fellow Silver Sister said to try eyeshadow on the hair.
I tried hair chalking with a paint pod called Hot Huez before and that was a mess and a pain. It stained my hair for a while but eyeshadow for the hair sounded very interesting. I began to search online and found a Youtube channel by Naturally Tash and she pretty much does hair shadowing. I was thrilled, so I decided to try it but not with shadow because I didn’t want to ruin mine so I used a  pink powder blush I didn’t use as much.
Wow! what a difference it made. The application process was easy on dry hair. I used my fingers at first but then I ran the blush from the little compact right on my hair. After the hair shadowing, I sprayed it with hairspray and Voila I had cool pink hair until I washed it out, which was two days max.
Beware of color on your fingers but it will wash off with soap and water. Before you hair shadow make sure you already have the desired hair style you want too.
Here were my results! 

On that same post I got a suggestion by an amazing artist, I mean her paintings will blow you away. Since she’s an artist I took her advice and when I saw her results I decided to try that method as well. Her name is Chrissy by the way you should check her page out called Vintage Painter.
Chrissy had an idea of using her hair pastels with hair mousse mixed together and then you would just spread it where ever you want the color. Her hair is a shade of beautiful white and she has a pixie cut so it covered her hair blue instantly and entirely when she used the blue pastel chalk.

How is it done? Here are the steps…

Step 1: Choose a non toxic water based pastel chalk color you like
Step 2: Use a grater or a magic bullet like I did to grind it up. please do not inhale the dust, it is harmful.
Step 3: pick your favorite mousse and put on some gloves
Step 4: Mix in the chalk with the mousse to create a colored mousse.
Step 5: On dry or dampened hair, spread the mousse where you want to color
Step 6: hairspray to set or allow the mouse to air dry
Step 7: comb it out a bit and you’re done!

This all lasts until you wash it out, 2 days max for me and I did not use the hairspray, that was optional.
With grating make sure it is finely milled or you will have tiny rock pieces like I did which was not fun going in your hair.  I combed it out and it made a mess on the floor. But lesson learned on that one. LOL
Overall, I was very pleased with the results although the blush and shadow is way easier and less time consuming, “Chalk Moussing “ was fun ( just made the name up). LOL and had great results as well.
I inspired quite a few ladies to try it and they too were excited and pleased with the results. Give it a try, you never know you may like it. 

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