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Totally Chic Ineffable Maxi

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Press SampleProduct given for testing and review purposes.

This short sleeve off the shoulder long black maxi dress with deep side pockets from Ineffable is super comfy and stylish. I paired it with some cute sandals and a long statement paparazzi necklace and voila totally chic! 
Available on Amazon in Navy also ranging from size Small to 2 XL.

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Stanzino Elastic Waist Red Maxi Dress


Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

I chose to review the red Stanzino Elastic Waist Maxi dress in medium and it fit right in size but there were some features that were a little uncomfortable for me. But again this is my own opinion. 

Let's get started with the review:

I like the color and it did complement my medium skin tone. Now, as for the fit, it did fit but I found it too be a bit long in length because I am petite at 5'2 inches and even with 4" heels on the dress was still too long for me.

Another feature I found, was that it's neck line was too open and revealing for me.
I tried wearing a little material attachment to the front of my bra for coverage but it still showed a bit of skin below the bra, a little above the midriff. 
I felt uncomfortable showing my skin so I chose to wear a tight tank top which covered everything but since the dress is form fitting you could see the markings of the tank top a bit. 
It didn't look bad but still I wish I didn't have to wear one but if you are comfortable showing cleavage and skin then this dress is the perfect style. 

Over all, the dress is beautiful and it drapes over your body nicely other than the revealed neck line and length. I give it 4 stars . Here I am wearing it in the pictures below. 
Oh yes, the material felt great on my skin, it was nice and soft and I will definitely wear this dress  again with a shorter tank top or have it sowned or hemmed to my length of preference.

This Maxi dress comes in various colors and sizes from small to 4x for $18.50 on Amazon

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