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Juno & Co. Beauty

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Press SampleProduct given for testing and review purposes.

Have you heard of Juno & Co.? If not, then let me introduce you to a new online beauty store that will not break your budget while getting quality products. The store ranges from skincare to makeup tools all at affordable prices starting at $1.00. Juno & Co. recently sent me some goodies and I can't wait to show you incase you might be interested in navigating this economical beauty site.
Now, be aware these products are more of Indie name brands so you might not find them at Sephora or Ulta.
They also design some of their own products like these fabulous and luxurious synthetic and cruelty free brushes for only $2 bucks each. I was very surprised at the craftsmanship, how beautifully they applied and how soft they felt.

The black acrylic brush handles have Juno & Co. printed on them and they are listed as so in no particular order with adorable punny names:

They also sent two of their Fusion Micro Fiber Sponges and a pair of falsies cased in a cute lollipop fashion.
The sponge is super soft and it blended my foundation flawlessly. It does have a unique design compared to the beauty blender but it works just as well when wet or dry.
As for the $1lashes, unfortunately they weren't my style and the band was too thick. I tried cutting them but they still did not look right on me. So although the packaging is cute, the lashes in my opinion were not my cup of tea. 
Overall, I was very pleased with the sponges and the brushes and was able to create a makeup look. The only brush I did not use was the eyeshadow blender brush because I  saved it so well, I forgot where I put it but that will be my next makeup tool to use.

Here's the finished look:
Concealer is on ✔
BB Cream is on ✔
Powder is on ✔
Blush is on ✔
Contour is on 
Highlight is on ✔ all using the Juno & Co makeup tools.

To find these makeup tools and more just go to Juno & Co.

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Dust Free Brushes and Blenders

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Press SampleProduct given for testing and review purposes at a discounted price.

Good day my friends,
I'm all about finding new ways to store my beauty brushes and makeup sponges. This new acrylic makeup brush organizer is not only spacious and beautiful, it organizes and keeps your beauty items dust free. I like that it comes with pink pearls for decor and for holding the brushes in place. It also has 3 small side deep drawers to hold your beauty sponges or blenders or small items like blushes or lippies. You can really get creative with this organizer and add other items besides brushes, the option is yours. I'm using it to store my Sonia Kashuk brush set among others and the 2 beauty sponges I own and in one of the other drawers, a mini Tarte blush and Bare Minerals mini powder.

The HABIBEE Acrylic Makeup Cosmetics Organizer 

can be found on Amazon for $32.99 with Prime.


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Makeup Brush Tree Holder

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

This is a great makeup brush holder and it holds up to 26 brushes, it dries the brushes fairly quickly over night more so the smaller ones, the bigger brushes needed more drying time.
What makes the brush tree holder concept great, is that you do not need to lay your brushes flat and take up space and have a clutter of brushes on a desk, counter or bureau like I was doing in the picture below, you simply place your wet brushes to dry upside down through the slots and keep your space looking nice and organized.
I also found it easier to put the brushes from underneath into the rubber slots instead of sticking them through from the top of the slots so that the bristles would not get smushed. Therefore, I also chose not to dry my dual brushes in the brush tree for that same reason but for single brushes it works great.

The reason I give this brush holder 4 out of 5 stars is because of the brown sticker backing, for me it was very hard to come off and I almost broke a nail trying to unstick it because I had to dig my nail in it.

Maybe, they should have an easy peel with an arrow to indicate where to peel the sticker backing from then it would be much easier to reveal the beautiful black laminated brush tree holder.
Other than that, the three pieces are easy to put together and take a part making it easy to store away for the next use.
You can get it on Amazon for $13.99.

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Floral Beauty Brush Set And Beauty Look

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes at a Discounted Price.

This is such a pretty makeup brush set from Sixplus.
The wooden handles are long and beautifully designed with a floral pattern and with pink tips at the end of the handles to give it that feminine touch.
The brushes themselves are super soft, fluffy and dense and they are made from wool and nylon hair and can be used with creams, liquids or powders.

The 12 set of brushes included are:
A Powder Brush
A Blush Brush 
A Contour Brush 
A Round Foundation Brush 
An Eyeshadow Brush 
An Eye Blending Brush
A Flat Eyeshadow Brush
An Eye Pencil Brush
A Concealer Brush 
An Angled Eye Liner Brush/ Eyebrow Brush
A Lip Brush
Also a beautiful floral brush roll or brush pouch to safely secure the brushes and perfect for travel.

Also, all the brushes come wrapped in plastic and the larger ones with brush guards and I noticed no chemical smell on them, so that was a huge plus.

I did my makeup using this set and was very happy with their application, softness, and ease.
I did notice 2 out of the 12 had minor shedding but nothing major.

In my make up application, I used all except one. So, that should give a good idea that these brushes are really good!
In the pictures below, you will see what brush I used with each product and my final results which left me very pleased.

This is definitely a novelty brush set and it's great for pros and beginners and it's available on Amazon.
You might have to check back because they are recently sold out:(

Here are some pictures...

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Doll Face Brushes And A Summer Ready Eye Look


Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes at a Discounted Price.

Doll Face brushes are very soft and they apply shadows wonderfully.
They also pack on the shadow and distribute it with the same intensity on the lid.
I like that they come in a case for travel and portability and the case pops open into a stand. 
The five brushes are definitely great for detailed eye work, with my favorite being the smudger brush. 

These brushes do resemble another brush set on the market today (Real Techniques) but each has it's own unique design in terms of the size of the bristles and color. 

The Doll Face logo which reminds me of a Veronica Lake pin up model is super cute on the brush handles.
The handles are red with rubber grips at the end and the length of the handles are the right size.

Included in the brush set ,you get a shader fluffy brush, an angled eyebrow brush, a liner brush, a smudge brush, and a fluffy dense crease brush.
Each Brush has a name and they are multi purpose:

Here's how Doll Face Describes them:

Allana Accent Brush :: A Light weight cosmetic brush that is used for applying and smudging eyeliner and/or shadow along the lash lines.  The Allana Accent brush allows precise application of the cosmetic and is delicate enough to use over and above the eye. 

Lola Fine Liner :: A perfecting tapered Liner brush with fine bristles that allows the make-up application to be dramatic as well as suttle. This Liner brush can be used with liquid eyeliners and eyeshadows for a fine line to enhance any make up look. 

Cali Crease Brush :: This Multi-functional large brush is used for the buffing of cosmetic eye-shadow along the edges of the eye as well as an under eye concealer.  The Cali Crease brush can also be used for highlighting and contouring along nose, lips and corners of the face.  

Bryndle Base Brush :: An all over shadow brush for the base of the eye.  This brush covers the eye lid with just the right amount of color. Use as a cream shadow applicator or simply Use its fluffy and versatile brush to blend color into the crease of the eye.

Bella Brow Brush :: A high quality angled brow tool, this large and multi functional brush is used for the filling and defining of the eye brow. Other uses of this brush include wet or dry eyeliner application above or below the eye. This brow brush is firm enough to be used on outer corners and creases of the eye.

I'm very pleased with this brush set and in the pictures below, I demonstrate an eye look I did with each of the brushes. 
I did have to use a separate blender brush for the shadow and a spoolie brush to complete the look but overall this is a great brush set from Doll Face. 

You can get the Doll Face Brushes on Amazon for $19.99 
And you can go to their site to follow them on other social media platforms at

For the eyes I used:
Lid: Elf shadow in Teal
Lower lash line: Elf shadow in Teal
Crease: Elf shadow in Mocha
Mascara: Loreal Telescopic in Black
Liner: Smashbox Photo op color in Sumatra
Brows: Brow Drama gel in Deep Brown and filled in with Smashbox Sumatara

Lips: Nyx Butter Gloss in Sugar Cookie

I thought I'd add a filter effect for Fun! Boy does that Teal pop even more:)

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Tami Jade Cosmetic Brushes

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes 

Recently Tami Jade from Tami Jade Cosmetics in London sent me her new 7 Piece Makeup Brush Set.
They came nicely packaged with the product shown on it and on the back it details what brushes are enclosed and their purpose. 
In my experience with Makeup Brushes, they don't have to be used solely for one purpose, I like to use brushes than can be versatile for other applications. This is the case with the Tami Jade Brushes.

First off, these brushes are very soft and they do not shed. Big plus! And second they look classy and sleek and they have the Tami Jade logo on it, as well it comes with a faux leather Brush Roll with a plastic covering to protect the brushes. 

I did do a full face with these beautiful synthetic brushes and I have to say I was really impressed. They applied and packed on very well. 

The Tami Jade Makeup Brush Set retails $39.97 and it consists of:

A Powder Brush which I used to put on my mineral loose Powder
An Angled Blush Brush that I used to put on my Blush and Highlight Powder (Dual Purpose)
A Foundation Brush which was very thin compared to the bristles in my other foundation brushes but it still did a great job with blending in my concealer again Dual purpose for concealer and foundation

A Concealer Brush which I used to apply my eyeshadow to my Browbone, I had no clue this was for concealer but again dual purpose for face and eyes
A Small Eyeshadow Brush which I used as a detailed brush for my lower lash line 
An Angled Eyebrow Brush that can also be used as a gel Eyeliner Brush
And lastly the seventh brush from this collection the Tami Jade Large Eyeshadow brush which packed on the shadow and applied with ease.

Overall, I am very pleased with The Tami Jade Brush Set although they should have included an Eyeshadow Blending Brush I give it 5 stars! My makeup application was easy and with the brushes being so soft without shedding I was having a pampering experience.

These brushes are 100% cruelty free and they work with powder and cream products.

Here are some pics so you can see these brushes close up.
You can visit Tami Jade here

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