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Birthday Rewards Program from Ulta

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Yay! My Birthday has come and gone but in the must of it I was being gifted with Beauty products and lingerie. Thanks to Sephora and Victorias Secret:)
But Then a Surprise emai showed up in my inbox and Bam another Bday goodie but this time from Ulta!
I never received anything other than coupons from them but now they have a Bday program just like Sephora does.
I signed up on the Ulta website last year but didn't make the cut for thier bday item whic was a CK One mascara. 
But this year my Email said Happy Birthday Gorgeous and it came with a coupon for a Free Ulta eyeshadow Palette. 
This palette is beautiful and contains 4 eyeshadows that very much resemble the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette and one brown powder eyeliner that can also be used as shadow.

The Cover of the Ulta palette has a bday greeting on it which I thought was nice and the colors are very creamy and pigmented. I have yet to wear them so I can't say they are long wearing but swatched they look beautiful.

The name of the palette is called "Indie"

Isn't she Pretty? 

Also on the back of the palette it shows a diagram on how you can wear the colors.

So I can't wait to create a look with this palette as soon as I do I shall post away:)

If you have signed up on Ulta then Here's the Email to look for if your Birthday is coming up! Oh and Happy Birthday if it is:)

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