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Lamora Beauty Kabuki Brushes


Press SampleProduct given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes at a Discounted Price 

This 6 piece kabuki brush set from Lamora Beauty feels like the high end brushes without the high end price.
The bristles are dense but super soft.

They apply makeup flawlessly and they pack on the colors wonderfully.
The white handles are long and the logo Lamora is etched on each brush handle.

I experienced no shedding with these and no scratchy feel either.

This set has all you need to create a beautiful makeup look regardless if you are using liquid or powders because these brushes can be used with these types of formulations.

I used the flat top face kabuki brush for my liquid BB Cream and stippled it on my face, then I used a liquid concealer with the same brush.

For my mineral powder foundation I used the bigger fluffy face brush. 
For my cheeks I used the blush brush and then used the same brush for my highlighter.

Now when I used the shadow brush included, I noticed it was not a big brush but a small one that can also be used for detailing but it worked well packing and applying the color on my lids.

The fluffy blending brush was soft and it did a nice job of blending and for adding my browbone color.
The liner brush in this set can also be used for the brows but I chose to use it for my purple liner and the results were great.

I'm very pleased with this set and happy that it comes with a carrying case formed like a cup holder for storage or travel. 

You can find the fabulous kabuki set for $24.95 on Amazon.

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The Nylea Brush Set And The Reverse Smoky Eye

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I received this product for testing and review purposes.
This five piece professional make up brush is very soft and it's very classy and stylish to travel with.
The first thing I noticed about this five piece set is the case it comes in.
It is vinyl material with a zipper front pocket and then it has a snap button latch and when you open it has two flaps and your five brushes are presented in elastic loops for the protection and storage of the brushes.
I like that these brushes are dual sided and they are black and white in color.
The synthetic bristles are very soft and apply the make up very well.
There is a lot of detail on these brushes not only with the color but also with the logo and the brand Nylea name and that there are 10 brushes instead of one.
The brush set includes concealer brushes,foundation brushes, detailed pointy brushes, a flat eyeliner brush that is angled, a lip brush etc.
I feel you can almost do a whole make up look with this dual-purpose brush set.
The only thing missing was a fluffy blending crease brush but it does have the smaller brushes for detailed work to smudge the eyeshadow and place color on the lid.
In the picture below, I used most of the brushes for my makeup look.
This a good brush set to own if you are experienced in makeup because you would know how to use the detail aspect of the brush set because if you are beginner it can be confusing if you don't know what brush can be used for what purpose.
But again you can always research brushes and use them the way you feel it would work best for your makeup application.

You can get the Nylea Brush Set on Amazon for $12.99

These are my results for a Reverse Smoky Eye…

All you do to achieve this look is:
Use a lighter color on the Lid and Crease
Use Black Mascara
Line the waterline with a black pencil liner
Use a dark shadow on the Lower Lash line and smudge it
Then smoke it out by blending it
There you have it easy and quick to do!

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Essence Cosmetics: All About Paradise Eyeshadow Palette And Beauty Look


I went to Ulta yesterday in search of a yellow eyeshadow from Essence Cosmectics from the limited edition Beach Cruisers line. 
I searched where the Essence stuff usually is but the display was no longer there, Ulta had moved it.
So, I thought Ulta discontinued Essence Cosmetics so I went on a hunt for the yellow shadow in the Nyx Brand and unfortunately they were all sold out.

I was bummed because the only yellow shadows I saw were from Loreal and Maybelline but they were quite pricey.
And the palette they were in, well none of the colors called my attention.

I decided to keep looking around and I finally saw the Essence Display mixed with other displays. I was so happy but no Beach Cruisers were present, so now I'm thinking it was only for Canada and over seas. 

No biggie because I saw and picked up this pallete in the picture below called "All About Paradise".

I was so thrilled to see a bright Yellow, then Hot Pink, then that Sparkly Blue, Oh My. 

I actually picked up two palettes from Essence this one and another called "All About Candies". I'll have a review on that one soon.
These palettes are made in Poland, so I'm guessing Essence Cosmetics are imported from overseas and distributed in the USA which is really cool.
This is the site that's on the label of their products where you can see all their products for the different countries they supply including ours.

I also see they have a variation of the "All About Series" on their site.
Unfortunately, at my Ulta only a few were available but again I was in search of a yellow shadow and I found it.
So far, I own a lipstick and a purple shadow from Essence Cosmetics which I'm very pleased with but I never purchased a palette until now.

Are you ready to get on with the swatches for these 6 Beautiful Tropical/ Rainbow Colored shadows?

These swatches are without primer yet they are very pigmented. 
The texture of these shadows are very silky and buttery except the teal and the blue, they are a little hard but still are very beautiful and pigmented. 

Here are the colorful beauties with primer.
These would also look fabulous foiled as well.
The shadows are all shimmery with a metallic like sheen and the blue has specks of glitter, so over all this $4.99 palette packs a punch on pigmentation and quality and price.

Here's a colorful look I did using all the colors from my very first Essence Cosmetics eyeshadow Palette.
This palette is totally beautiful and totally worth it! It's great for Spring and Summer  or for whenever you want to add on pops of color in your eyeshadow looks. 

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The Stipple Me! Beautifully Makeup Brush And A No Makeup Makeup Look

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

Wow! Although this stipple brush is not dense, yet soft and fluffy it really does blend my cream concealer and gives it an airbrush effect. The Stipple Me Beautifully is also great for applying powder products like bronzer and blush. This brush has a long handle which makes it nice to use and it comes with a mesh brush guard to to protect the bristles. I was also surprised it did not have the factory smell like some other brushes. I washed it with brush cleaner and by the next day it was ready to use. Here's a collage pic of this fantastic Stipple Me Beautifully brush! And you can get it here for $14.97

In the picture below, I'm using my concealer as a foundation. I place concealer where I need it then I simply stipple and blend all over my face. Then, I apply mineral powder to set it in place.
So far, I'm really liking this method for extra coverage instead of using liquid foundation which I rarely use.

Products used for the finished look:

Pur Minerals Powder: in Golden Medium 
Concealer: Maybelline Age Rewind in Light/Pale 
Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Blush in Sweet Cheeks 
Highlighter: The Balm Cosmetics Mary Lou ManizerBrows:  
Billion Dollar Brows Universal Pencil
Mascara: Elizabeth Mott "So Big Mascara
Bronzer: Wet N Wild 
I am not wearing eyeshadow or liner in this look

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I'm Officially An AmazingExpert For Amazing Cosmetics! You Can Be Too !


Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

OK, by the title You are probably wondering what am I talking about?
Well, Amazing Cosmetics has an opportunity open for all those who would like to be AmazingExperts for their brand. Once selected, you become a part of a beauty panel that tests and reviews their products.

I'm so thrilled because I recently got accepted on the panel and my product to test out is their A Little Amazing Concealer.
I received the .2 fl. size of this concealer which retails for $28.00, for review purposes in the color Light Beige.

I have to say that I was very impressed because it actually is multipurpose.
All I needed were pin drop amounts on both of my under eye areas and once I spread it with my foundation brush I got the maximum coverage I needed. 

I also used it as an eyeshadow primer and my shadow lasted all day without creasing. I used it as a highlighter for my nose and to clean up my brows, plus I also used it to give my shadow a clean sweep at the corners.

This concealer from Amazing Cosmetics is truly Amazing and it feels so creamy and light weight and its very pigmented. It definitely works like a magic eraser on my skin. 

Here is a pic of how my finished look was with this concealer used as a base as well because I didn't  have to use a liquid foundation once I spread it with the brush so I just applied my mineral powder right after. 

I was very happy with the results, Less was definitely more with the Amazing Cosmetics Concealer.

If you would like to be an AmazingExpert and try and test Amazing Cosmetics and offer your feedback and opinions, click here

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The Xtava 7 piece Brush Set And A Beauty Look


Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

In my previous posts, I introduced the company Xtava which specializes in hair care appliances such as curling irons, hair dryers, diffusers and flat irons.
But they also carry makeup brushes and sell them either a piece or in sets and from the look of their site they will be launching cosmetics as well on

I was given their 7 piece brush set to review so let's get started.

The brushes come in a soft black case with slots and a cover flap to secure and protect them. It also has a pocket with a zipper to hold some essential items and the case closes with two magnetic clasp buttons. 

Now, for the star of the show, the Xtava brushes. 
The wooden barrels are imprinted with the Xtava logo and the brushes are blended with natural and synthetic bristles.

This set includes:
A big face powder brush which leaked a black dye when I washed it, had a funny smell but went away when the brush air dried. But,it felt great on my skin as I used it with my mineral powder.

The second brush is a Contour brush which is very dense but soft and I used it for my concealer application and buffed it in circles.

The third brush is a Blending brush which I used as a Crease brush and although this brush blends well and applies shadow well it's not a soft brush.
This brush was not what I expected it was scratchy and harsh.

The fourth brush is the Eyeshadow brush which is fluffy and soft and applied the shadow well and it actually did a great job of blending when using the top bristles of it. 

The fifth brush is a Foundation brush which is very soft and I used it for my concealer to fix my eyeshadow.

The sixth brush an angle brush that can be used for eyeliner and for eyebrows. This brush had the right amount of density and I used it for applying shadow on my lower lash line.

The seventh and final brush in the Xtava set is the Lip brush.
This brush is soft and comes in two pieces and once you connect them together the lip brush pops up. 
It's really cool almost like a pen or mechanical pencil.

I put all these brushes to the test and I have to say I like them expect the blending brush because of it's harsh and scratchy bristles. 

But, for the price of 20 bucks on Amazon, this set is definately worth it especially if you are a beginner in makeup or don't want too spend too much on a brush set.

Hopefully, the Xtava Blending brush will get softer as time passes and with washes but I have no certainty of it.

I created the look below using all the brushes and products seen in this post.
I also used a black kohl liner and mascara.  
It was actually my Easter Look:) 

By the way, I hope you enjoyed your Easter!

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The Organic Face Femme Fatale Eyeshadow Quad And Giveaway!


Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

Ooh, do I have a beautiful shadow quad to show you. It's called Mesa from the Organic Face. 

These shimmery metallic shadows with gold undertones are very beautiful and pigmented and the packaging is super cute!

The Mesa Quad is encased in a silver round case with a mirror and with the hot pink Organic Face logo and is 10 grams.

These shadows retail for $24.99 and can be purchased on

Here are some swatches:
First row is without primer and second row is with primer

A Peach shade, A Bronze Shade, A Terracota and an Olive Green Shade
All Have Gold Flecks in them which is pretty cool and makes them unique

These Earthy Toned colors are silky and long wearing and can be worn dry or wet or transformed into an eyeliner.

I was surprised with the first color on the left which is like a light peach swatched but when I applied it to my lid, it turned into a darker peach almost bronze color. So to me, that was a relief because swatched it looked very sheer.

I decided to do a couple of looks with this quad and I'm very pleased with these shadows.

Here are the Mesa Femme Fatale Shadow ingrediants :
Mica (CI 77019), Oryza sativa (Rice) Powder*, Zinc Stearate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Panthenol, Origanum Vulgare Leaf Extract, Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme)Extract, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Lavendula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Extract
Hydrastis Canadensis (Golden Seal) Root Extract

And here is the first look I did with the Mesa Quad.
I decided to use 2 shadows for a more natural look and to show that using two shadows can also be enough in a look.

So, I used the light peach on my lids and lower lash line and the bronze on my crease and lower lash line as well. I also winged the shadow out a bit something I really don't do but I wanted to experiment. Because, the quad does not have a lighter color I decided to use a highlighter creamy pencil for my browbone and I tight lined my eyes with a black kohl pencil.

For the second look I decided to use the olive color with gold flecks on my lid and the terra-cotta color on my crease and I used both of these colors for my lower lash line. The look came out very elegant yet very simple and very easy to accomplish just by adding some mascara ,tight lightning my eyes with a black kohl pencil and lining my water line.
I did use a flesh toned shadow for my browbone as a highlight. But the choice is yours on how you opt to wear this quad.
Mesa is also great for creating  daytime and evening looks.

Overall, I was very impressed with the texture and pigmentation of these shadows. I do wish they had names on them and maybe a highlighter shade in the center but I guess it wouldn't be considered a quad then lol 

But Yes, these shadows are gorgeous and they lasted well over 8 hours on my lids with primer.

The Organic Face has so much to offer on their online store from blushes, lippies to foundation Ect.
Here's a 20% off code SPRING20 to use on your first purchase. Code expires on 6/30/2015

And now for a Giveaway! You can choose a Femme Fatale Quad of your choice and have The Organic Face ship it to you if you enter here: 
Rules: USA Only
Enter today until April 6, 2015

Organic Face Femme Fatale Eyeshadow Quad Giveaway

About the Organic Face:

The Organic Face began with a desire to create safe and toxic free cosmetics for women of all skin types. We offer a natural alternative to conventional cosmetics, without compromising on performance or durability. Naturally preservative and irritant free, Our pure mineral cosmetics are weightless, long wearing, water resistant and offers protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays..
Free from toxins and cheap fillers, such as talc, synthetic dyes, parabens, and irritants like bismuth oxychloride,The Organic Face Mineral Powders provides complete coverage without clogging pores, making it suitable for skin conditions such as acne prone skin, rosacea, and eczema.
Our natural mineral cosmetic formulations work in harmony with the skin to, not only cover imperfections but to help improve skin tone for a natural long lasting glow.
Noreen Diani is the creator and founder of The Organic Face. With more than 18 years experience working in the beauty industry, Noreen recognized the need for a more organic chemical free cosmetics that didn't compromise on performance or durability for camera ready make up. Working with many faces, Noreen came across many with skin allergies and reactions to a lot of chemicals in make up products today. Noreen, being an allergy sufferer herself decided to create a make up line safe and chemical free. Noreen began researching chemicals in many of the products she was wearing on her face and came across some disturbing findings. This is when she decided it was time to start creating products with out nasty carcinogens in them.

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Mary Kay Beauty Look And Shock Tart

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

It has been a while since I haven't presented a beauty look on the Color Wheel gallery, so today I partnered up with a rep named Isabel from Mary Kay and she gave me some items to test out including their new lip gloss for Spring.
I really like the way these producs looked combined from the eyes to the lips.

Here's the look:)

On the lid, I used this fabulous mineral non-fallout blue shadow called Midnight Star.
Some blue shadows tend to be chalky but not this one. It applied very pigmented and it was silky.
The color is a beautiful pigmented midnight blue with shimmer and sparkle. Almost like looking at the stars in the sky at night. 
This color can also pop even more with a black base underneath it or by using it wet.
For the look, I opted for a dry application. And it still looked gorgeous plus it has vitamin A, C and E.
Retail Value $7.00

Now, for the next mineral shadow which I decided to use as a crease color. This shadow is soft and creamy in the shade called Iris. It's a very interesting shadow because although it is a matte shade it  has a tiny sparkle effect to it.
It really went well with Midnight Star and it's so beautiful.
My suggestion with any shadows you use, please use primer or a base to prevent creasing. 
These shadows do not give a wear time of 24 hours but they do last for about 6-8 hours.
Retail Value: $7.00

The next item is the lip liner in Neutral and although it says Neutral, it's a very pigmented dark plum color.
I'm not too crazy about the texture of this liner because it is not creamy at all. It does not glide easily and it's hard.
It does go on but not effortlessly.
But I found that if lip balm is used prior to applying it, then it will glide on smoothly.
Retail value: $12.00

Now, for the new Spring Lipgloss in the Mary Kay Collection called Shock Tart!
This gorgeous pink shade is very pigmented and has a cupcake vanilla scent almost like the NYX Butter glosses.
I took two shots of me wearing it in different lighting.
Shock Tart is simply gorgeous!
Retail Value: 14.00

So, there you have it a beauty look using these products from Mary Kay.
I won't get into detail about my foundation ect, because I really wanted to focus on Mary Kay.

To get these products go to
And if you need a Rep in the Orlando, Fl area call Isabel at (407) 252-4437

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