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Gone Mad for Lamora Brushes

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes at a discounted price.

I really like these brushes from Lamora they are super soft, dense and fluffy and they pack on shadows and apply them to a flawless finish.
I own many brushes and some are MAC and these are just as good and way softer. I also never experienced shedding with these. They are great for travel and because they are synthetic they are great for powders, gels and creamy products.
The length of the black barrel is long and sleek and has the Lamora name on it plus the indication of each brush.

In a tube which is the outer packaging, you get 7 brushes in total and included you get:
The Classic Shader
Small Shader
Blending Brush
Angled detailer /eyeliner
Angled Shader
Detailed Pencil
Precise Shader

 All the brushes were used to create the eye look in the photo and some of the shadows I used wet. I was really pleased with the way it turned out  and super pleased with the performance of these brushes.
What I really like about the set, are the detailing brushes like the pencil brush, precise shader and the small shader, those are great to get that sultry smokey eye, or if your eyes are smaller and also for highlighting the brow bone or inner corner easily. The price for this brush set is Amazing!

Cost: $14.95
Where: Amazon

For the eyes:
Eye primer: Alexis Vogel Primer
Eye Base: NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk
Transition Color on lids: UD Alice Through the Looking Glass in the shade: Reflection
Crease Color: UD Alice Through the Looking Glass in the shade: ChessBoard
Lid Color: UD Alice Through the Looking Glass in the shade: Salazen Grum
Outer Corner and Lid: UD Alice Through the Looking Glass in the shade: Gone Mad
Highlight: UD Alice Through the Looking Glass in the shade: Looking Glass
Inner Corners: UD Alice Through the Looking Glass in the shade: Lily
Eyeliner: UD Alice Through the Looking Glass in the shade: Time
Lower Lashline: UD Alice Through the Looking Glass in the shades: Salazen Grum, Time and Gone Mad
Lashes: 3D Mink Lashes
UD Alice Through the Looking Glass
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The Oval Brush Set Experience

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Press SampleProduct given for Testing and Review Purposes at a discounted price.

This 10 piece oval makeup brush set is very unique and all the rage right now on social media sites. They resemble toothbrushes and thier bristles are very soft to the touch and very soft and pampering on the skin.
I already had owned a similar oval brush and really liked it so when I got the opportunity to get 10 of them in different sizes I was excited.
I decided to test them out or experiment with them on a wrong day because I was going to a special banquet and I wouldn’t know how the results would be but I just went with it and tried each brush except for one for an entire makeup look.

In the pictures, you will see what brush I used and with which product and for what purpose.

These brushes work great with creams, liquids and powders and their brush bristles are synthetic. The brush handles are really flexible too.

For my makeup look, I used the large brush for the application of my BB Cream and it gave it a flawless finish. I applied the BB cream in dots on my face then glided the oval brush and did circle motions to get a fabulous blend.

For my concealer application, I used a cream concealer stick and drew on my face with it then again as the same technique with the larger brush now using the medium size one I did the same to blend in the concealer.

For the contouring, I used another small brush.  For the blush, I used the medium brush and once I got powder blush on the brush I placed it on my hand to warm it up and get some product off, then I glided it on my cheeks.  For my highlight, I used the thin toothbrush looking one to simply fan on my highlight on my cheek bones and bridge of my nose. And for the setting powder, I used the larger brush to glide on the powder.

As I used some of these brushes for my eyes, I always came back to the same one I used on my lids, so I had to clean it up in between applications to use it for my crease and brow highlight, which worked great and blended nicely.
The circle brush I used for my outer corner was a big mess with fall out .
When I got to the eyeliner, I used a gel liner and used it with the smaller thinner toothbrush brush and that was the end of my eye makeup look.
It was a complete disaster for me, the line was not even and it was thick. (I'm probably going have to practice a lot with that one. LOL)
Anyway, I had to put concealer on it and fix it and because it already was a hot mess, I had to bust out my usual brushes and get the job done.

The brush for the brows was really nice, I used my brow wax pencil and just brushed my brows with it. I liked it even better than using a regular spoolie. Overall, this a nice brush set and it will take time and practice using it.

From my experience and results, I will definitely be using it for my face because it gives it a smooth air brush finish and also for my brows because it’s much more gentle than using a spoolie.

As for my eyes, I rather stick to my normal eye brushes, it’s way simpler to use. These brushes are multipurpose and can be fun and they feel great on the skin. Cleaning them is the same as regular brushes and they air dry nicely over night. The brushes go by various names such as Paddle makeup Brush, Mermaid brushes because of their handles, Oval brushes because of their shape and Makeup Toothbrushes.
Artis and MAC sell these brushes too! But I got mine from Amazon for way less. :)

Price: $35.77 by Sun Year
Where: Amazon

Pic courtesy of Sun Year: Multi-Purpose Mermaid Brushes

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