The Color Wheel Gallery: Swarovski Crystal Necklaces
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So Princess Like

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

I felt like royalty when I wore this gorgeous dark blue Swarovski elements crystal jewelry set.
The pieces were heavy and when I first tried them on they did feel a bit awkward on but then I got used to it.
The design is very princess like and the set combines beautifully.

The packaging was not that interesting because they come in 3 baggies in the box which seemed tacky because this set is so exquisite.

My suggestion would be, have a bigger box where the pieces can have spots for them and lay flat and look appealing for gift giving.

But other than that, the set is gorgeous, the pieces sparkle and can be worn with fancy or casual attire like I wore it in the pictures below.

I had on a casual dress but this jewelry set from Qianse gave it royal appeal with elegance, beauty, class and sophistication.
You can find this regal set on Amazon for $49.99

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Look Super Cute In This Skirt From Lyon


Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

This black and white skirt from Lyon is super cute and fashionable and can be mixed and matched with a pink, teal, red, yellow, mint green, purple, yellow, oh my almost any color top and of course the obvious black or white top.

I ordered my skirt in Medium and it fit just right on my 116 pound 5'2  petite frame.
It is very comfortable and the hem reaches my knees so it's not short.

What I really like about the skirt is the material, it's very soft like a very thin sweater and it's stretchy, the bottom hem has black lace all around and on the inside it has a nylon lining.
So in essence, this is a beautifully designed piece of clothing that will work for daytime or a night out.
And you can wear it in the summer or in the winter.
Here's more detailed info on the Lyon Skirt:

  • Beautiful Black and White Flower Printed Womens Skirt. 96% Polyester & 4% Spandex. Has a Solid Black 100% Nylon Lining.
  • Casual Elegant Lace Trim Hem. Waist to Bottom Hem is 21 inches long. This Skirt is Soft to the Touch and Elegant to the Eye.
  • Easy Care, Machine Washable. Simply Wash With Like Colors & Lay Flat to Dry.
  • Stretchable Elastic Waist. Sizes Do Run a Little Small. Measurements Are: Small Waist 21.5in. Elastic - Medium Waist 23in. Elastic - Large Waist 24in. Elastic

    Now when you purchase a Lyon skirt on Amazon  for $25.99 you will receive a beautiful necklace for Free!  The Swarovski crystal color will be random.
    These are 18K White Gold Plated Swarovski Crystal Necklaces

    The crystal I was surprised with was the beautiful turquoise blue.

    In the pictures below, I'm wearing the Lyon skirt and decided to pair it with a red tube top with red heels and a black belt ….

    Stay tuned for more posts on...

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