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Floral Beauty Brush Set And Beauty Look

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes at a Discounted Price.

This is such a pretty makeup brush set from Sixplus.
The wooden handles are long and beautifully designed with a floral pattern and with pink tips at the end of the handles to give it that feminine touch.
The brushes themselves are super soft, fluffy and dense and they are made from wool and nylon hair and can be used with creams, liquids or powders.

The 12 set of brushes included are:
A Powder Brush
A Blush Brush 
A Contour Brush 
A Round Foundation Brush 
An Eyeshadow Brush 
An Eye Blending Brush
A Flat Eyeshadow Brush
An Eye Pencil Brush
A Concealer Brush 
An Angled Eye Liner Brush/ Eyebrow Brush
A Lip Brush
Also a beautiful floral brush roll or brush pouch to safely secure the brushes and perfect for travel.

Also, all the brushes come wrapped in plastic and the larger ones with brush guards and I noticed no chemical smell on them, so that was a huge plus.

I did my makeup using this set and was very happy with their application, softness, and ease.
I did notice 2 out of the 12 had minor shedding but nothing major.

In my make up application, I used all except one. So, that should give a good idea that these brushes are really good!
In the pictures below, you will see what brush I used with each product and my final results which left me very pleased.

This is definitely a novelty brush set and it's great for pros and beginners and it's available on Amazon.
You might have to check back because they are recently sold out:(

Here are some pictures...

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Physicians Formula Argan Wear BB Cream


I recently went to CVS and spotted the Physicians Formula new Argan Wear BB cream.
I watched YouTube video reviews and it lead me to want to buy it. 

I'm not so easily persuaded to buy the new beauty items that come out on the market but when I see something that I truly like and curious to try then I go out and buy it.

What captured my attention to buy the Argan Wear was the fact that it is a BB Cream and sunscreen with Argan oil and it was a drugstore product.

I already use Argan oil as a daytime moisturizer every morning so I figured a tinted moisturizer with Argan can be even more beneficial and act as a foundation without it feeling to heavy on my skin.

So, CVS sells Argan Wear for $16.00 and as soon as I saw the price tag for the tiny 1.2 fl oz tube, I said nope! 

And I put it back but then I had a coupon from the red coupon machine for $3 bucks off and their special was, if you spend $12 bucks or more on any Physicians Formula product, you get $8 bucks back in rewards.

Ding Ding Ding! That was music to my ears making my Argan Wear purchase come out to $4 bucks! Yay!

So let's review this Argan oil infused BB cream shall we? 

The packaging is beautiful, small at 1.2 fl oz but beautiful and it's totally Moroccan themed from the tube all the way to the top.

Argan oil is from Morocco so it's very fitting for the design in the packaging.

What it's supposed to do:
Details from physicians Formula's

Physicians Formula Argan Wear Renew BB Cream is a luxurious, high performance formula that will even out your skin tone, vanishing flaws and imperfections and smoothing skin texture without ever leaving a greasy feel or finish. SPF 30. Infused with 100% Pure Argan Oil.

Isn't she a pretty little thing? LoL

I got the color in Light/Medium but other shades are available.

At first, I applied too much and it was a little caked on but then I took some off and it was better.
It has nice coverage that can be buildable.

I did notice that I needed to moisturize before using this product because without my moisturizer, I applied it on my T-Zone and I had some dry patches.

But if you have oily skin, it's best not to moisturize prior to using this. 
My advice is test it out and see.
This was my first attempt using the Argan Wear.

Now for the second try, it was much better.
I moisturized with my Argan oil, I let it set and used my stipple brush to apply the Argan Wear and it was a better experience that proved better results.

In the picture below, all I used was my moisturizer, the Argan Wear, lipliner and lipstick ,some tinted brow gel and some concealer for my under eye area and chin.
I loved the results and it gave me great coverage.

So my thoughts are:

  • Love the packaging
  • Love the results
  • Love the scent, it's a strong floral exotic scent but then it goes away
  • Love that it feels nice on my skin and gives me a matte finish with a beautiful glow
  • Love that it contains Argan Oil
  • Love that it has an SPF 30
I dislike the Price, $16 Bucks is a little to high for a drug store product in such a small bottle.

Overall this is a nice product.

Will I buy it again ? Yes!
Would I buy it without a coupon? No!
But if I can't get it for $4 bucks again than I would pay $10 dollars for it without hesitation.

So, these are my honest opinions on how the Argan Wear BB cream worked for me. 
Have you tried it? Do you like it? If so comment below:)

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