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The Lilla Rose Flexi Clip

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Press Sample: Product given by a Company Rep for Testing and Review Purposes.

Today I would like to introduce to you, my lovely readers, a new hair accessory called the Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose.
These clips are meant to hold your hair or updo in place of bobby pins or hair grips.  I was given two of their clips to try and I received one in a XS and a Medium.
The clips are available in 7 different different sizes ranging from a Mini to XXL and come in a variation of colors and designs and each are named diffrently.  You choose the clip that is suitable for your hair type, length and thickness.

The clip has a unique design and it’s a bit challenging to use at first, so I needed to look at some youtube videos in order to test them out correctly.
The clip does not snap on, it slides through your hair and fastens on tiny little grooves on the sliding pin, so therefore getting the correct size is important.

The XS blue flexi clip I got is called Hues of Blues and a Medium one called Hibiscus Sunset.
The line of flexi clips Lila Rose has are very beautiful and unique in their design and color and has a vintage feel to them mainly because most of their sliding pins have a varying amount of antiquing to them so, proper care is needed to keep the finish looking good and all of this is instructed in the manual and website.

 Let's see some styles I did using the flexi clips…

The XS was super cute and it was great to clip my hair back in a half up do, and to use as a barret on the side of my hair without any assistance of bobby pins and I also used it to adorn my hair bun which looked super girly and princess like. In that style, I need my rubber band and bobby pins.

Then I tried the Medium and it was good for certain styles on me, but unfortunately not for a high pony tail or to hold up my donut bun.
I have medium wavy hair with texture but it's not too thick and it is heavy and bouncy. Unfortunately, the Medium would only work on certain styles and would slip off on others so I’m guessing depending on the style, a small clip would also work on me.

In the pictures below, you will see the styles I was also able to achieve using the Medium clip.
Overall, these clips are really nice and unique and some can take the place of your bobby pins while some are great just for hair adornment and again it varies on your correct size clip for the style that works best for you. The Lilla Rose price ranges on these flexi clips are from $17 to $32 Dollars.

 You can try out these clips for yourself by purchasing them on
and once on the site, Lilla Rose also offers other hair accessories that suit your style.

I really liked their organic packaging. It's a really cute brown and purple paper envelope where your clips are nicely tucked in.

The outer packaging is cute as well, a bubbled envelope to secure your clips.

Here are some of the styles I did with the Flexi clip in Hues of Blues...

Such a beautiful design and very well crafted

The size clip is etched on the sliding pin, this one says XS

These are the grooves which fasten on to the clip

This one is the Medium called Hibiscus Sunset
There you have it! The cool flexi clip from Lilla Rose that can be used on any occasion to adorn your locks into beautiful styles.
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The Acevog Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater Dress

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

This is such a classy and stylish ribbed turtleneck sweater dress.
For reference in choosing sizing, I'm at 5'2 inches tall, 112 pounds and a 36 B cup and this dress in size Medium, fit loose on me not snug like the advertised picture in the ad. But it still looked good and it felt comfortable, warm and cozy.
The dress can be very form fitting if ordered in a smaller size but again the Medium on me was loose fitting and sleeves were a bit longer and the hem went a little above my knees which is ok because I don't like to wear skin tight clothing.

Overall, this high neck sweater dress from Acevog is nice and the cotton material is stretchy and you can style it with a belt, a scarf, a jacket or different chunky or long necklaces.
I opted to wear it with my black Acevog boots, a large leopard print scarf and a cute black and silver beret.

Where to purchase: Amazon
Price: $29.99
Color Selection: Gray, Black, Kahki, Wine Red
Sizes: Small - X-Large

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The Emanco Jewelry Floral Leaf Cuff

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes at a Discounted Price.

This black embellished handmade floral leaf cuff from Emanco Jewelry is so beautiful.

The vintage lace design pops out and looks great on the wrist.
If you look at the end of the cuff you see a little heart on it as well.

I like that it can be adjusted to fit my small wrist and once it's in place it does not move.
It looks stylish and feels comfortable to wear.

The packaging is really classy.
When you open the black box it comes in, you will see the bracelet cuff hugging a cute black velvet pillow, making it that special gift.
You can find it on Amazon and it comes in Gold, Silver, Black and Rose Gold for $17.99
Here are some pictures below.

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The Zattcas Maxi Dress


Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

This is such a beautiful and slinky maxi dress from Zattcas.
The material is very soft, not sheer, it's stretchy being 95 % rayon and 5 % spandex, it's also breathable and comfortable.

I chose to review this navy blue dress in size Large because the dress runs small.
I'm 112 pounds at 5'2 and 29 1/2 and 36 B and the Large fit just right.
The dress is definitely long but I wore it with tall sandal wedges and I did not trip or had any problems walking.

The design of the faux wrap allows the dress to have a flattering fit on the bust and it did not show a plunging neckline on me which I was worried about and the dress has a polo shirt collar with 3/4 sleeves that makes it great to wear anytime of the year.
The material belt it comes with adorns the waistline nicely and you can choose to wear it alone or with another belt with it and would look good as well.

I felt very tall and slim and classy in this maxi dress and it's great for daytime or evening.
This beautiful dress ranging from Small to X-Large can be purchased on Amazon for $29.99 and if you like the bib necklace I'm wearing it can be purchased on Amazon as well:)

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The Cate and Chloe September VIP Box

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

Last month I reviewed the jewelry sub box Cate & Chloe. If you want in depth details on Cate & Chloe please click here on that post to get the deets and prices:) 

I was honored to be asked again to review their September box.
It was a total surprise to me what this box entailed.
So let's get started…

The September Cate & Chloe box included 2 pieces of jewlery and a brush roll with brushes.

The first piece again comes in their signature boxes with their logo and black ribbon.

Aren't these beautiful!
These are the Ashlyn "Nature" Pearl Leaf Earrings.
From the site:
The most delightful mix of trendy and timeless.A small leaf design topped off with a cultured pearl. This classic, delicate piece is a new Cate&Chloe must-have and is sure to class up any outfit while showing off your fashion expertise. 

Product Specifications:
  • Gold plated drop earrings
  • Leaf design with pearls
  • No backings
  • $ 79.00
These gold toned earrings are very delicate and beautiful. And I like the way they looked on my ears. They felt very dainty.

The second Cate & Chloe piece is a bracelet called the Mila Dillgent 3 Layer Gold Bracelet.
 From site:
Chic, charming, and the perfect layering accessory. Featuring 3 chord strands each with an elongated curved cubic prism, this geometrically alluring bracelet is right on the mark with today's trends. Modern, simple, and easy pairing with your favorite gold jewelry!
Product Specifications:
  • Gold plated bracelet
  • Lobster clasp closure
  • 3 strands
  • $ 59.00

This bracelet is really pretty and it fit my wrist nicely.
I did find while wearing the bracelet that the curved cubic prisms moved a lot and ended up in the bottom of my wrist, which was kind of a bummer for me.
Maybe if my wrist was bigger it would have stayed in place but it's not so it moves.
Regardless, it's a pretty classy piece.

In the pics below, I'm styling Ashlyn on my ears and Mila on my wrist:)

Now for the "perk of the month" for all the subbed Vip Cate & Chloe members.
Last month it was a Sally Hansen Nail polish but this month it's a beautiful 6 piece pink brush set with the Cate & Chloe logo on each barrel. 

The brushes are nice and fluffy but I found the bristles to be flat which is different because I'm used to fluffy face brushes to have a rounded shape unlike these that are flat from the face brushes to the eyeshadow brushes. 

These will definitely work for concealer, foundation and lid application with eyeshadow but none was in the set for blending the shadow. 

Also in the set, there is an eyebrow comb/brush, an eyeliner brush which is very nice with dense bristles, and a small concealer brush as well.
The set is nicely stored in a Cate & Chloe brush roll with hot pink interior pockets and a hot pink ribbon.
Overall, this is a nice brush set but it's not the best out there but they still do their job and they are soft and not scratchy at all.

So there you have it! The Cate & Chloe September box.
If you are interested in subbing to Cate & Chloe you can go to

  • The bonus gift for the month is the C&C Makeup Brush Set. 
  • All NEW VIP members through the month of October will ALSO receive a Cate&Chloe makeup brush set
  • OCTOBER is breast cancer awareness month, and therefore:
    •  15of all VIP proceeds for OCT will be donated to the American Breast Cancer Society
    • All October boxes will include a Breast Cancer wristband

Lastly, here is an exclusive coupon code  COLORWHEEL15
This code will honor a 15% discount for VIP sign ups and will be valid until Nov 30

You have the choice to Sub or Shop on 
Have Fun! 

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Austrian Crystal Statement Necklace

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

This gorgeous statement necklace from JoinME truly makes a bold statement.
Although it looks looks gaudy in style and design, it's actually really beautiful and makes you feel like royalty when wearing it.

The necklace is quite heavy and it looks like metal armor when reversed on the back with the figure 8 chains.
The detailing ranges from Austrian crystal embellished flowers that reflect in the light and smaller designed flowers ranging in different materials.

This necklace is so exquisite it looks great by itself without wearing any other piece of jewelry.
I wore it with a black striped loose flowing chiffon dress and black heels. 

I felt elegant classy and ready to go to an opera, ballet, walk the red carpet but I ended up at a woman's conference which was great still. :)

I received the JoinMe necklace in a big red box with a bow, and velvet pouch for storage and an extra lobster claw clasp to fasten the necklace incase the original breaks.
This is truly an extraordinary piece.
You can get this exquisite piece on Amazon

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