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Mariko Ideas Scarf Hanger Review

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

These hangers from Mariko Ideas come in a set of 3 and are very elegant and and beautifully designed with sparkling beads and are made from a chrome frame.

I really needed something to hang my scarves on because I had my poor scarves stuffed in a wired basket.

My collection of scarves range from thin to heavy scarves and they all fit and hung nicely on the hanger.
Also, I noticed these hangers are pretty sturdy and I was able to fit more than one scarf on them and you can choose to double up your scarves like I did or can tie them around the hook of the hanger.
Each hanger can hold up to 5 scarves, so if the scarves are thinner you can probably hang even more.

As soon as I took the pics for this post, I hung the hanger on the clothes rack in my closet and it made a big difference and made me realize that nice and expensive or inexpensive scarves should be hung and not stuffed in a box or a wired basket.

You can get this set of Mariko Idea Scarf Hangers on Amazon for $14.99

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Leopard Print Fashion Scarf


I recieved this leopard print scarf at a deep discount through Buy Wholesale Cheap. If you are an Amazon Prime member the site gives you discount codes to purchase products for less on Amazon. Here's my prime link if you would like to join so that you too can get codes on great products and Free 2 Day shipping on your purchases.

Now for the Leopard Print goodness!

This multi- use scarf look fabulous and feels light. The pendant does not look cheap at all and it's very sturdy. I love that I can just wear all black or add a dash of color like the pics below and the scarf still makes a fashion statement. It can also be worn with a tank top or turtle neck, the possibilities are endless. This scarf can be worn in various ways even as a belt wrap but I prefer the 2 ways in the pic best. I really didn't want to take out the pendant but many styles can be achieved without it as well. But yes this polyester scarf is a compliment to your work day attire for office, a casual or formal date, or just for Fun and Fashion:)
You can get your leopard print scarf on Amazon when it becomes available. And the good thing about this scarf is that you can find many more varieties like this one with different pendants and colors available on Amazon. Happy Shopping!

Here are some more ways…

Here are some of my blogger friends sporting the leopard print as well:)

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And Joy who is not a blogger but a cool Fashionista:)

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