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Cate and Chloe in December: Jenny's Box

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

It's time for the Holidays and Cate and Chloe's December box is full of cheer:)
You haven't heard of Cate and Chloe? Well click here for a previous post!

Now on to the goodies:) Cate and Chloe must really like me because they contacted me once again to review their beautiful jewelry pieces.
The December VIP box is curated this time by the beautiful actress Jenny McCarthy and 10% of the sales will be donated to her autism organization called Generation Rescue, which is truly a Gift to bless those in need.

    A Note from Jenny:

On to the first piece hand picked by Jenny.
A beautiful and delicate bracelet called the Elise "Dignified Rose Gold Bracelet"

Here are some specs from the site:
Valued at $125.00
Dainty, edgy, and dignified all in one! This rose gold bracelet features stacks of rose gold bedecked with 2 rows of CZ, one clear and one black. The black stones give this piece a super chic, modern look while the rose gold and clear stones keep it classy and timeless.

Product Specifications:

  • 14k Rose Gold plating
  • CZ detailing; Clear and Black
  • Clasp closure
  • Celebrity Jenny McCarthy's Favorite Style

The next piece is a pretty necklace that I was excited about because I own the matching earrings to go with it.
This necklace is called the Ashlyn " Nature" Leaf Pear Necklace"

Here are some specs from the site:
Valued at $89.00
The most delightful mix of trendy and timeless. With 2 gold chains, one features a small leaf design topped off with a cultured pearl. This classic, delicate necklace is a new Cate&Chloe must-have and is sure to class up any outfit while showing off your fashion expertise. 

Product Specifications:
  • Gold plated
  • Lobster clasp
  • Leaf dimensions = 0.8" x 0.55"
  • Short chain = 18" Long chain = 20", Extender = 3"
  • Celebrity Jenny McCarthy's Favorite Style

So you see how beautiful these pieces are and the combined total value is pretty high but if you become a subscriber to the VIP Monthly Box, it will be way less.


-Two Signature C&C; Jewelry Pieces Handpicked by Jenny McCarthy
-Personal Note from Jenny McCarthy
-10% Donation to Jenny's Charity Generation Rescue
-Free Shipping on every purchase
-All boxes will ship by December 5th, 2015. 

Picture courtesy of Cate and Chloe

  • Information and details about the exclusive VIP program can be found here:
  • Every VIP box comes with 2 jewelry items + one bonus gift
  • The VIP Style Quiz and Customization Tools: 
  • A link to the website:
  • Follow Cate & Chloe on Instagram for exclusive Instagram discounts and giveaways
  • Reminder that this special promotion will run through November 5th – December 5th (VIP members signed up within this time frame will be receiving #JennysBox)

Here's a special 35% off code for you guys (my loyal and lovely readers) 
This code COLORWHEEL35 runs between Dec 5th – Jan 5th, so the Jenny Box is not valid with it.

So there you have it:) I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be back with more on The Color Wheel Gallery :)

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Fight Like A Girl With Cate And Chloe

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

Cate and Chloe has surprised me again with another one of their jewelry boxes.
Here's my former post on Cate and Chloe to get familiar with this cool monthly sub box and their prices (click here

This month and every day is very special and women all over the world should be honored for their strength, beauty and bravery when coming face to face with breast cancer or any type of C word.
I honestly hate the C word but I know many who has kicked it in the butt and has won the fight! and a few family members who lost their battle to it, but in my eyes they were Victors!

Cate and Chloe will be donating 15% of all sales from the October VIP subscription program to the American Cancer Society to help find a cure.

So, what's in my pink box for the month of October?

Tada! These cute little flashy CZ hoop earrings called the Joan Hero Hoop Earrings.

From the Cate and Chloe site:
Little in size but bold in style! The Joan earrings with their double strand of cz stones will give you just that little boost of confidence you need to be an everyday hero! 

Product Specifications:

  • Small silver plated hoops encrusted with a double strand of cz stones
  • Clasp earrings
  • Retail value: $99.00

    These little hoop earrings are very beautiful and delicate and yes tiny but they actually fit my lobe and look sweet and stylish. 

    The next item I got was a cute gold plated pendant called the Madison Strength Chevron Ladder Necklace. 

    From the Cate and Chloe site:

    As seen in top fashion forums, magazines, and worn by countless celebrity icons, the draping ladder-style necklace is a look that is here to stay! Featuring a 30 inch chain complete with 5 arrow bars, the Madison Chevron Ladder Necklace is a sure head turner! Want to make a statement without the bulk? This piece is for you! Toss on with a blazer and pencil skirt to polish off your office attire, or pair with jeans and a tee to liven up your weekend getup! Versatility at it's finest!

    Product Specifications:

    • Carried in Gold and Silver
    • 14k gold plating and sterling silver plating
    • 30 inch chain
    • Adjoined by 5 arrow bars
    • Retail Value: $59.00

    This is such a cute pendant necklace.
    It just slips over your head and neck and no clasps needed to fasten.

    And the final item which is called the Perk of the Month is a pink wristband with the encouraging words engraved on it "Fight like a Girl" with the pink ribbon substituting the i.

    If you would like to know more about Cate and Chloe and would like to become a VIP subscriber go to

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    The Cate and Chloe September VIP Box

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    Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

    Last month I reviewed the jewelry sub box Cate & Chloe. If you want in depth details on Cate & Chloe please click here on that post to get the deets and prices:) 

    I was honored to be asked again to review their September box.
    It was a total surprise to me what this box entailed.
    So let's get started…

    The September Cate & Chloe box included 2 pieces of jewlery and a brush roll with brushes.

    The first piece again comes in their signature boxes with their logo and black ribbon.

    Aren't these beautiful!
    These are the Ashlyn "Nature" Pearl Leaf Earrings.
    From the site:
    The most delightful mix of trendy and timeless.A small leaf design topped off with a cultured pearl. This classic, delicate piece is a new Cate&Chloe must-have and is sure to class up any outfit while showing off your fashion expertise. 

    Product Specifications:
    • Gold plated drop earrings
    • Leaf design with pearls
    • No backings
    • $ 79.00
    These gold toned earrings are very delicate and beautiful. And I like the way they looked on my ears. They felt very dainty.

    The second Cate & Chloe piece is a bracelet called the Mila Dillgent 3 Layer Gold Bracelet.
     From site:
    Chic, charming, and the perfect layering accessory. Featuring 3 chord strands each with an elongated curved cubic prism, this geometrically alluring bracelet is right on the mark with today's trends. Modern, simple, and easy pairing with your favorite gold jewelry!
    Product Specifications:
    • Gold plated bracelet
    • Lobster clasp closure
    • 3 strands
    • $ 59.00

    This bracelet is really pretty and it fit my wrist nicely.
    I did find while wearing the bracelet that the curved cubic prisms moved a lot and ended up in the bottom of my wrist, which was kind of a bummer for me.
    Maybe if my wrist was bigger it would have stayed in place but it's not so it moves.
    Regardless, it's a pretty classy piece.

    In the pics below, I'm styling Ashlyn on my ears and Mila on my wrist:)

    Now for the "perk of the month" for all the subbed Vip Cate & Chloe members.
    Last month it was a Sally Hansen Nail polish but this month it's a beautiful 6 piece pink brush set with the Cate & Chloe logo on each barrel. 

    The brushes are nice and fluffy but I found the bristles to be flat which is different because I'm used to fluffy face brushes to have a rounded shape unlike these that are flat from the face brushes to the eyeshadow brushes. 

    These will definitely work for concealer, foundation and lid application with eyeshadow but none was in the set for blending the shadow. 

    Also in the set, there is an eyebrow comb/brush, an eyeliner brush which is very nice with dense bristles, and a small concealer brush as well.
    The set is nicely stored in a Cate & Chloe brush roll with hot pink interior pockets and a hot pink ribbon.
    Overall, this is a nice brush set but it's not the best out there but they still do their job and they are soft and not scratchy at all.

    So there you have it! The Cate & Chloe September box.
    If you are interested in subbing to Cate & Chloe you can go to

    • The bonus gift for the month is the C&C Makeup Brush Set. 
    • All NEW VIP members through the month of October will ALSO receive a Cate&Chloe makeup brush set
    • OCTOBER is breast cancer awareness month, and therefore:
      •  15of all VIP proceeds for OCT will be donated to the American Breast Cancer Society
      • All October boxes will include a Breast Cancer wristband

    Lastly, here is an exclusive coupon code  COLORWHEEL15
    This code will honor a 15% discount for VIP sign ups and will be valid until Nov 30

    You have the choice to Sub or Shop on 
    Have Fun! 

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    Cate and Chloe: This Jewelry Sub Box Is One Of A Kind

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    Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

    I was very excited when I was contacted by this cool jewelry sub box called Cate and Chloe.
    Cate and Chloe has been featured on...

    I was ear and arm candy shopping in my mind when I saw their website on

    Their pieces range from gold, to silver, to studded, diamond earrings, rings, necklaces, bangles and bracelets in all different types of designs and styles to suit your fashion taste. 

    Cate and Chloe is costume jewelry at it's best, you can buy the pieces you like separately but I have to mention, they are pricey alone from $20.00 to over a $100.00.

    Or you can become a Cate and Chloe VIP and pick a subscription that is convenient for you starting at $32.00 a month.

    When you sign up, you choose what is your taste in style. Are You Poised & Polished? Work/Weekend type ? or are you the Innovator?

    Once you choose your style you choose your color

    Then your plan in which you can cancel if you are not satisfied

    Based on your plan and preferences you get a stylist to choose your Cate and Chloe pieces based on what you like and a cute pink box with beautiful treasures get sent right to your mailbox. 

    Cate and Chloe also likes too add extra goodies in their VIP boxes it maybe a beauty product or another jewelry piece plus being a VIP has Perks:

    Are you ready to see my Cate and Chloe VIP August box? 

    Then keep scrolling for a special offer as well:)

    Here she is!

    The tissue paper adds a girly and a summer touch to it, it's very pretty so I decided to incorporate it as a background for my pictures.

    In the month of August, Cate and Chloe teamed up with Sally Hansen so every VIP member will get a bottle of nail polish in a velvet drawstring pouch.

    Also included is a little card with the name and description of your jewlery pieces for that month.

    I recieved the Darlen Tender Love stud earrings in rose gold. They are available in silver and gold too.
    Retail value: $109.00 without membership

    From the site:
    This darling earring is composed of two intertwining hearts, one is simply finished the other is frosted with dainty glistening CZ stones. Our Darlene heart earrings would make a pretty present for any loved one from granddaughter to girlfriend. 

    Product Specifications:

    • intertwined Heart Earring
    • clear CZ Stone Embellishments
    • comes in gold, rose gold, and silver
    I really like the Cate and Chloe gift boxes they arrive in.

    These earrings are so delicate and beautiful:)

    And my final Cate and Chloe piece is this beautiful Rose Gold Bracelet with a retail value of $125.00
    The bracelet runs small but I was relieved that it fit once I clasped it together.

    From the site:

    A delicate rose gold bracelet with a secure snap clasp that perfectly polishes off your weekend wardrobe. Our Brielle Bracelet will stay with you when you head out for your... Fill in the blanks:)

    This bracelet is gorgeous!

    The great thing about Cate and Chloe is that each VIP selection is different and unique.

    So, you saw the retail value if you purchased each piece alone, I know I wouldn't be able to afford it, so that's why you can obtain these beautiful pieces of jewlery on a monthly basis without the heavy price tags. 

    If you would like to become a Cate and Chloe VIP Box Subscriber you can start here by taking advantage of this special offer:

    25% off your first shipment!

    To receive the August shipment you must sign up by August 4th  and use this code at checkout COLORWHEELGALLERY25 

    Here's the link to sign up and take the style quiz:) 

    Stay tuned for more fun posts on...

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