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Dust Free Brushes and Blenders

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Press SampleProduct given for testing and review purposes at a discounted price.

Good day my friends,
I'm all about finding new ways to store my beauty brushes and makeup sponges. This new acrylic makeup brush organizer is not only spacious and beautiful, it organizes and keeps your beauty items dust free. I like that it comes with pink pearls for decor and for holding the brushes in place. It also has 3 small side deep drawers to hold your beauty sponges or blenders or small items like blushes or lippies. You can really get creative with this organizer and add other items besides brushes, the option is yours. I'm using it to store my Sonia Kashuk brush set among others and the 2 beauty sponges I own and in one of the other drawers, a mini Tarte blush and Bare Minerals mini powder.

The HABIBEE Acrylic Makeup Cosmetics Organizer 

can be found on Amazon for $32.99 with Prime.


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Caboodles Love Struck Ultimate Train Case And Caboodles Secret Prize Giveaway

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

Caboodles have certainly come a long way from their colorful plastic cute and adorable makeup cases. 
Now you see them in every shape, color material and style. They carry acrylic makeup organizers, and makeup bags and so much more.

I was very fortunate to have Caboodles chose me to review their Love Struck Ultimate train case.
I personally have never owned a train case this huge or anything remotely similar. 

The Love Struck case is great for storing the makeup I use on my friends, being I love to play with makeup and I like to give my friends and family that therapeutic expierience.
When I would have a session at home, I would bust out with a tackle box lol
Hey! it served it's purpose but now with the Love Struck train case from Caboodles, I can fit more makeup in it and look presentable and professional if I were to travel.

The Love Struck train case size is 11.75 inches by 10.25 or 815 cubits and has 6 cantilever trays and  spacious interior storage for makeup palettes or bigger items. 
It also comes with a key so you can close the lock on the 2 top latches.
This beautiful black train case case retails for 40.00 on or where Caboodles are sold like Walmart, Ulta, Kmart, Target, ect prices may vary.

Now for the pretty pictures of the Love Struck Ultimate Train Case..

My sad tackle box lol

I added in the train case what I had in my tackle box and realized I still can add more which is great because I still have room for my palettes and brushes ect.
The shelving trays are nice because you can organize your makeup in categories.
I used one shelf for concealers and primers and another shelf for lippies ect.
But you can store and organize other items in this train case other than makeup like jamberry nail kits ect. 

Now for the Giveaway!
Caboodles was generous enough to gift one of my readers a secret prize!
I honestly do not know what it is and it can be a train case or a beauty organizer like the pics below but again I do not know lol

Giveaway ends May 8, 2015 USA only and Caboodles will Ship your prize

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