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A Ring Light Selfie

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Press Sample: Product given for Testing and Review Purposes.

I have seen large ring lights in beauty videos but not one for a cell phone which is really cool and convenient to own, especially if you want good lighting in pictures and there is none.
I take a lot of selfies and photos and when I take them in my house, it's kind of disappointing because my house is dark and then when the sun is shining, I have to stand by the same window.
With this selfie ring that holds 2 AAA batteries, its very easy to slip on my iPhone 5 and it creates 3 light settings when you press on the power button located on the top. I also like that the lights are super bright almost like those fancy high end magnified beauty mirrors with the LED daylight lighting.
I was worried if the ring light would scratch my phone but it has a rubber padding on both sides when you open the clip to clasp it on your phone. It really looks like a huge clip with lights and it weights a little bit when on the phone but it is a really unique and great product.
The ring light works in the dark and creates the perfect lighting. It works with the front facing and rear camera of the phone which is terrific.
I have some examples below showing how I used the ring light and the 3 different light setting modes. No flash was needed to achieve the pictures in the dark. I think this product is really fun and really great to bump up my selfies and photos in general, making them look more professional bright and vivid. This gadget can also be used on other smart phones, tablets and laptops for face time or video recording. Too cool!

Price: $21.99 
Where: Amazon

And here's a product selfie I took for Amazing Cosmetics using the ring light:)
If you want to know more about this Amazing Concealer Click my Instagram

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I'm Officially An AmazingExpert For Amazing Cosmetics! You Can Be Too !


Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

OK, by the title You are probably wondering what am I talking about?
Well, Amazing Cosmetics has an opportunity open for all those who would like to be AmazingExperts for their brand. Once selected, you become a part of a beauty panel that tests and reviews their products.

I'm so thrilled because I recently got accepted on the panel and my product to test out is their A Little Amazing Concealer.
I received the .2 fl. size of this concealer which retails for $28.00, for review purposes in the color Light Beige.

I have to say that I was very impressed because it actually is multipurpose.
All I needed were pin drop amounts on both of my under eye areas and once I spread it with my foundation brush I got the maximum coverage I needed. 

I also used it as an eyeshadow primer and my shadow lasted all day without creasing. I used it as a highlighter for my nose and to clean up my brows, plus I also used it to give my shadow a clean sweep at the corners.

This concealer from Amazing Cosmetics is truly Amazing and it feels so creamy and light weight and its very pigmented. It definitely works like a magic eraser on my skin. 

Here is a pic of how my finished look was with this concealer used as a base as well because I didn't  have to use a liquid foundation once I spread it with the brush so I just applied my mineral powder right after. 

I was very happy with the results, Less was definitely more with the Amazing Cosmetics Concealer.

If you would like to be an AmazingExpert and try and test Amazing Cosmetics and offer your feedback and opinions, click here

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Fallish Brown


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