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ReoRia Vintage 50's Inspired Dress

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Press Sample: Product given for Testing and Review Purposes.

I love the way this 1950's navy blue and white Polka Dot dress looks on me, it flatters my shape well while conveying a fun and flirty look. I ordered a Small and it fit perfect because I stand at 5'2 with a 27 inch waist and my bust size is 34-35 B and it fit true to size.
The dress felt so soft and stretchy and it's very well made and the accent bow on the waist is very pretty. I paired this dress up with a pearl necklace and earrings and a perl bracelet to give it that Audrey Hepburn effect but in a modern way. This pleated dress is simply beautiful and has already sparked interest with my friends on where they can get it as well. I'm really into vintage inspired fashion and this dress by ReoRia really takes you back in time.

Cost: $24.99 - 29.99
Where to get itAmazon
Sizes: Small to 2X Large

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Vintage Fashion is Also My Style


Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

I have always liked vintage fashion especially from the 50's and this dress is perfect.
The material is very breathable and made from a stretch cotton and the colors and patterns offered are beautiful.

I recieved the black one and it's great for summer or winter and you can add a shawl or sweater to keep you warm or just to change up the style.
I'm not too keen on the little black belt with silver that came with it but it is detachable and you can add your own.

The dress size I got was in a Medium and it fit me perfectly. 
The top is form fitting and then it flows into a flare wide skirt, I'd also wear it with a toule or wired half slip for fun to really give it that 50's vibe even more.

My measurements are 36 B and my waist is 291/2 inches and my weight is 114 pounds.
The dress has a zipper on the side but I would have preferred one in the back to slip on more easily and because that's not the way it was made ,you need to pull it over your head so watch out if your wearing makeup or deodorant that may stain it. 

The dress came packaged in a big ziplock bag and ironing was needed. 
I was so thankful to my hubby who ironed it for me. Thanks Babe! Love you:)
And thanks to my Babe again for shooting the pictures in the hot sun.

Back to the dress, It's very beautiful and it makes a great evening dress with the right accessories or a daytime dress and because there are many options in colors and patterns, you can find what suits your style.

Here are some pictures of me wearing it.

You cans find this classy vintage dress on Amazon and it comes in size Small to XX- Large.

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