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Merry Christmas

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Hello my lovely readers,
I just wanted to say God bless you and Merry Christmas from our family to yours.
Stay tuned for new posts ...

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The Hubby's Favorite Flower

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Press SampleProduct given for testing and review purposes.

My husband's favorite flowers are orchids. As we were preparing for our wedding in 2001, he asked if I could incorporate them into my rose bouquet. So, I knew how much it meant to him. Last year, I bought him a real orchid plant and he loved it but unfortunately it died. This December for the Christmas season, I was asked to review any flower or plant I liked from the site http://www.silkplantsdirect.com/silk-flowers.htm. They have a variation of silk flowers and plants, my favorite are the Gerbera Daisies but I wanted to surprise my loving and supportive hubby with a new life like silk orchid plant.

The orchid plant came nicely packaged in a long cardboard box with bubble wrap around the smooth tan ceramic planter. The orchids are a bright cream color with a soft texture. The front leaves feel like soft rubber and are posable. The bamboo stick holds the stems nicely and the planter is filled with styrofoam and fantasy moss.
The great thing about this Phalaenopsis orchid plant is that it will never die only get dusty, which is fine by me because it can be cherished for years to come just by wiping it down with a cloth.  I really love how it looks in my breakfast nook and it measures  25" x 15.5" x 12 which makes it a stunning centerpiece.

My husband is away in China on a business trip but when he returns, this beauty will await him and so will I. πŸ˜‰

Thanks so much to the guys over at 3d Wall Panelshttp://www.csiwallpanels.com/ for providing these beautiful silk flowers.

If you like this plant, it is available here for $68.99

Stay tuned for more posts on The Color Wheel GalleryπŸ’•

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Juno & Co. Beauty

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Press SampleProduct given for testing and review purposes.

Have you heard of Juno & Co.? If not, then let me introduce you to a new online beauty store that will not break your budget while getting quality products. The store ranges from skincare to makeup tools all at affordable prices starting at $1.00. Juno & Co. recently sent me some goodies and I can't wait to show you incase you might be interested in navigating this economical beauty site.
Now, be aware these products are more of Indie name brands so you might not find them at Sephora or Ulta.
They also design some of their own products like these fabulous and luxurious synthetic and cruelty free brushes for only $2 bucks each. I was very surprised at the craftsmanship, how beautifully they applied and how soft they felt.

The black acrylic brush handles have Juno & Co. printed on them and they are listed as so in no particular order with adorable punny names:

They also sent two of their Fusion Micro Fiber Sponges and a pair of falsies cased in a cute lollipop fashion.
The sponge is super soft and it blended my foundation flawlessly. It does have a unique design compared to the beauty blender but it works just as well when wet or dry.
As for the $1lashes, unfortunately they weren't my style and the band was too thick. I tried cutting them but they still did not look right on me. So although the packaging is cute, the lashes in my opinion were not my cup of tea. 
Overall, I was very pleased with the sponges and the brushes and was able to create a makeup look. The only brush I did not use was the eyeshadow blender brush because I  saved it so well, I forgot where I put it but that will be my next makeup tool to use.

Here's the finished look:
Concealer is on ✔
BB Cream is on ✔
Powder is on ✔
Blush is on ✔
Contour is on 
Highlight is on ✔ all using the Juno & Co makeup tools.

To find these makeup tools and more just go to Juno & Co.

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Ouges Fashion For Fall

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Press SampleProduct given for testing and review purposes.

I live in Fla and we are now in November and the days are getting cooler.
So for me, it's time to bust out those long sleeved tops and sweaters and thankfully, Ouges Clothing sent me this cute one. I like it because I can wear it straight down with leggings or fold it in to wear it with jeans.
The material is soft and made from 65% Rayon, 32% Cotton and 3% Spandex and available in sizes Small to 2X Large in various color combos on Amazon
Size shown: Small

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Bad Habit Beauty Aphrodite Palette eye looks and sneak peek to the new launch

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Hello, I hope everyone is having a blessed and productive day! In my last post, I introduced the Bad Habit Beauty Aphrodite palette with some swatches. Recently,  I was able to play with it.  Here are some quick and easy looks I did using this bad boy palette. The quality of these shadows are superb! All you need is eye primer and water or mixing medium or setting spray to work with the textured shadows to get the best results.

For the first look I created, I used Coy, Flirt, Blushing and the uniquely textured shadow Crush. To get the intense vibrancy of Crush I used it with the NYX dewy finish spray and the longevity was greater than I expected. 

Here's the second look I did with the shades Coy, Romance, Blushing and Beauty. I used Beauty with the same setting spray to intensify the color more on the lids. This Palette is worth all the hype! Not too mention the 10 πŸ’΅ price tag.☺️ 

To my surprise on IG, I saw this! Yeah! Bad Habit is coming out with another dupe for the Huda Beauty palette and this time it's for her Desert Dusk. Bad Habit will name thiers Athena pictured below.  I can't wait for this new launch (clapping my hands excitedly)
If you missed my last post, here's the linky:) The Aphrodite palette
Stay tuned for more on the Color Wheel GalleryπŸ’•

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New Hair Change with Guy Tang Mydentity

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I was very confused on what I wanted may hair to look like after dying my highlights magenta. My birthday is coming up in December and I'll be hitting 43 so I thought to myself maybe some more pink highlights but in a softer shade or caramel blonde.
So, I  decided to get my hair chopped off into a chin length straight bob and got some hair color ideas from my friends on FB.
One friend reached out to me who happened to be a hairstylist and she came up with this concoction which I like to call Galaxy Hair but in a cool way. The highlights idea was gone and a full head of hair color was on the horizon.
She used Guy Tang's new color line called Mydentity. But the process to get my dark hair this galactic took hours but the end result was worth it.

                                                    Here's the Before!
                                             Here's the Between! 
                                            Yep I went there! πŸ˜‚

   My hair reached a level 9 and this was this was the inspo picture we decided on using.
 She did a shadow root using a demi- permanent using Dusty Lavender and 6 volume in developer shown here which turned into a dark purple.

Then for the rest of my hair she combined Pink Diamond and Ultra Violet to create a Lavender shade.

After doing chemistry on my hair, this was the  final and fabulous result and I was very very pleased. :)

So far, I have gotten so many compliments and my hubby even loves it! Of course, with hair like this hight maintenance is involved like conditioning it and touching up the color frequently to keep it vibrant. Let's see how long it lasts, me and my hair phases...

If you are in Florida and would like Alexandria do to your hair contact her at 407-335-8635

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The Aphrodite Palette From Bad Habit Beauty

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 I Just got the Aphrodite palette in the mail.☺️ These shades are pigmented and beautiful and for only 10 bucks plus free shipping on the shophush_ app which you can download on the google play store for Android or on the App store on I phone.
The 18 shadows are a dupe for the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette but without the $65 dollar πŸ’΅ tag. I can’t wait to play with it! It sold out once so get it before they are gone again.

Here are some finger swatches of the #aphroditepalette. There’s a mix of mattes, shimmers and texture making it fun and versatile. So far, they feel creamy and buttery and can be a bit messy but that's how the Huda Beauty one was as well when I switched it at Sephora.

I was very pleased with the packaging and that no damage was made to the palette in shipment       thanks to all that bubble wrap. πŸ˜€

I can't wait to see how they perform on my eyes! Stay Tuned...
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