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Gypsophila Ruffled Sleeve Swing Dress

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Press SampleProduct given for testing and review purposes at a discounted price.

This black soft fabric swing dress with ruffled sleeves is lovely and I love it! I ordered a Small and it fit true to size on my 5'2 inch frame with 34-35 B bust and 27 inch waist. Besides the material being thick, the sleeves are the focal point on this dress. They are wide and loose and they look beautiful. The length of the dress is longer on me compared to the model on the ad but thats perfectly fine with me and the bodice of the dress is form fitting which accentuates the figure. This dress from Gypsophila is very elegant and very comfortable and looks very modern and retro at the same time.
I'm so happy it comes in different colors because I might try the pink one next knowing now, that the material is not sheer but thick and the one in the color Ginger looks beautiful as well.
In the pictures, I paired it with an elegant bucket polka-dot sun hat, pearls, big sunglasses and some white strappy wedges and it looked super classy and elegant.

Cost: $29.80
Available on Amazon in many different colors and sizes

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Fashionable like June Cleaver

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Press Sample: Product given for Testing and Review Purposes.

This floral green with orange cap sleeve 50's style dress from VogVog is so beautiful and it got many likes on my social media page.
The 95% cotton and 5% spandex dress is very colorful with a floral design with greens, light and burnt orange colors with teal and it has toulle on the hem and a square neckline making it more lovely. I ordered a Small and it fit me great. I'm a 34-35 B bust with a 27 inch waist and weigh 107 pounds. I give my measurements for reference in choosing the correct size, the tag on my dress read Small.
I totally felt transported back in time in this dress especially with my pony tail and pearls. My hubby said I reminded him of June Cleaver. LOL
The dress felt very form fitting but not tight, very flowy, very comfortable, very stylish and unique. Here are some pictures of me in this fabulous dress.

Cost: $20.00
Available on Amazon in many different colors, designs and sizes

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Audrey My Fashion Mannequin

Press Sample: Product given for Testing and Review Purposes.

I never owned a mannequin or fashion mannequin before so when I was asked to review this headless and armless mannequin by Ledrem, I was so excited because I definitely knew I was going to use it.

As for the mannequin, it is a fiber glass torso that is dressed in black stretch linen fabric and it comes with a tripod wooden base and a wooden top plug on the neck for scarves or hats.
It comes with a diagram so it is very easy to assemble and the mannequin can be adjusted to certain height levels by turning the knob located underneath and lifting the torso up but since I'm 5'2, I made her my same height.
Oh yes, I named her Audrey:)

So this is how Audrey is beneficial to me besides looking profesional and beautiful in photos.

I have a tendency of hanging my dresses or outfits the night before that I will be wearing the next day, on my curtain rod by my bed and well that's not cute. LOL
But at least I see and have my clothes prepared.
Now with Audrey, I simply would dress her up in my clothes necklace included, hat or scarf and not only does it look beautiful but also my clothes will be ready to wear and not on a hanger on my curtain rod over my head.

Audrey is a smaller size mannequin in size 6-8 but my clothes in Small and Medium fit her well. Unfortunately, she cannot display pants, only blouses, skirts and dresses but that's perfectly fine with me. 

Audrey stays in my bedroom which can be startling at times so I might move her into the closet or living room. LOL

Overall, this mannequin is very nice and it serves it's purpose very well and it's great for fashion designers, seamstresses, boutiques, decor and great for me. 

Here are the lovely pictures of Miss Audrey. Oh, yes I edited my mirrors to hide my purses in the back ground. :)

Product Dimension:
Height of Torso: 27 1/2" (70cm)
Shoulder: 14 7/8" (38cm)
Chest: 34 1/4" (87cm)
Waist: 24 3/4" (63cm)
Hip: 34 5/8" (88cm)

Cost: $89.00 
where to purchase: Amazon 

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A Ring Light Selfie

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Press Sample: Product given for Testing and Review Purposes.

I have seen large ring lights in beauty videos but not one for a cell phone which is really cool and convenient to own, especially if you want good lighting in pictures and there is none.
I take a lot of selfies and photos and when I take them in my house, it's kind of disappointing because my house is dark and then when the sun is shining, I have to stand by the same window.
With this selfie ring that holds 2 AAA batteries, its very easy to slip on my iPhone 5 and it creates 3 light settings when you press on the power button located on the top. I also like that the lights are super bright almost like those fancy high end magnified beauty mirrors with the LED daylight lighting.
I was worried if the ring light would scratch my phone but it has a rubber padding on both sides when you open the clip to clasp it on your phone. It really looks like a huge clip with lights and it weights a little bit when on the phone but it is a really unique and great product.
The ring light works in the dark and creates the perfect lighting. It works with the front facing and rear camera of the phone which is terrific.
I have some examples below showing how I used the ring light and the 3 different light setting modes. No flash was needed to achieve the pictures in the dark. I think this product is really fun and really great to bump up my selfies and photos in general, making them look more professional bright and vivid. This gadget can also be used on other smart phones, tablets and laptops for face time or video recording. Too cool!

Price: $21.99 
Where: Amazon

And here's a product selfie I took for Amazing Cosmetics using the ring light:)
If you want to know more about this Amazing Concealer Click my Instagram

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The Oval Brush Set Experience

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Press SampleProduct given for Testing and Review Purposes at a discounted price.

This 10 piece oval makeup brush set is very unique and all the rage right now on social media sites. They resemble toothbrushes and thier bristles are very soft to the touch and very soft and pampering on the skin.
I already had owned a similar oval brush and really liked it so when I got the opportunity to get 10 of them in different sizes I was excited.
I decided to test them out or experiment with them on a wrong day because I was going to a special banquet and I wouldn’t know how the results would be but I just went with it and tried each brush except for one for an entire makeup look.

In the pictures, you will see what brush I used and with which product and for what purpose.

These brushes work great with creams, liquids and powders and their brush bristles are synthetic. The brush handles are really flexible too.

For my makeup look, I used the large brush for the application of my BB Cream and it gave it a flawless finish. I applied the BB cream in dots on my face then glided the oval brush and did circle motions to get a fabulous blend.

For my concealer application, I used a cream concealer stick and drew on my face with it then again as the same technique with the larger brush now using the medium size one I did the same to blend in the concealer.

For the contouring, I used another small brush.  For the blush, I used the medium brush and once I got powder blush on the brush I placed it on my hand to warm it up and get some product off, then I glided it on my cheeks.  For my highlight, I used the thin toothbrush looking one to simply fan on my highlight on my cheek bones and bridge of my nose. And for the setting powder, I used the larger brush to glide on the powder.

As I used some of these brushes for my eyes, I always came back to the same one I used on my lids, so I had to clean it up in between applications to use it for my crease and brow highlight, which worked great and blended nicely.
The circle brush I used for my outer corner was a big mess with fall out .
When I got to the eyeliner, I used a gel liner and used it with the smaller thinner toothbrush brush and that was the end of my eye makeup look.
It was a complete disaster for me, the line was not even and it was thick. (I'm probably going have to practice a lot with that one. LOL)
Anyway, I had to put concealer on it and fix it and because it already was a hot mess, I had to bust out my usual brushes and get the job done.

The brush for the brows was really nice, I used my brow wax pencil and just brushed my brows with it. I liked it even better than using a regular spoolie. Overall, this a nice brush set and it will take time and practice using it.

From my experience and results, I will definitely be using it for my face because it gives it a smooth air brush finish and also for my brows because it’s much more gentle than using a spoolie.

As for my eyes, I rather stick to my normal eye brushes, it’s way simpler to use. These brushes are multipurpose and can be fun and they feel great on the skin. Cleaning them is the same as regular brushes and they air dry nicely over night. The brushes go by various names such as Paddle makeup Brush, Mermaid brushes because of their handles, Oval brushes because of their shape and Makeup Toothbrushes.
Artis and MAC sell these brushes too! But I got mine from Amazon for way less. :)

Price: $35.77 by Sun Year
Where: Amazon

Pic courtesy of Sun Year: Multi-Purpose Mermaid Brushes

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Vessel Scents Of Style Aroma Therapy Locket

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Press Sample: Product given for Testing and Review Purposes at a discounted price.

I have never owned a diffuser or aroma therapy locket let alone with beads before so because I was intrigued I decided to order one.
The one I got was the big zinc alloy heart that includes a a garnet charm and set of 15 Ruby colored sent spheres made of porous polymer clay.
The heart itself is big and magnetic and it has an antique gold finish and hangs on a 30 inch chain with loops affixed by a lobster clap claw.
The spheres are soft and come in a cute container included a the cute purple gift box with the Vessels scents of Style etched on it.

In the box, you get instructions and it says to put your favorite essential oil or perfume on the amount of beads you want, and once the oil or perfume is on them, rub them between your hands then pat dry them and place them in the locket.

I used it with my Elizabeth Arden True Love Roller ball I made so I rubbed the scent onto 3 spheres, patted them with a paper towel and put them in the locket. The sent lasted all day and it smelled so pretty, it fainted by the next day.
Then, I decided to put an essential on it and I used peppermint oil because of my allergies and I wanted to breathe easily so I followed the directions then placed more beads in the locket. You can really smell the peppermint so that was good for me for deep breathing.

Now I did have a problem, because I had no clue essential oils can irritate the skin if they are not diluted or if the skin area is sensitive, After I rubbed the beads in my hand I was left with a burning sensation on my hand. I did not understand what was going on so I immediately washed it off but the sting remained. So I looked it up online and it said once you get in contact with a pure essential oil like peppermint or any other pure oil, do not wash it off with soap and water, rub your hands or the affected area with a carrier oil, like coconut, olive almond, jojoba ECT and the burn should go away.

Well, I did that a couple of times and thankfully the sting went away in time but never again will I make that mistake. So, I suggest the company put a warning label as to wear gloves when doing this or dilute the oils when using it for the spheres. The instructions it came with said to place scented beads in jar or hands but still no warning on the hazards with direct pure oils on the hands.

Other than that, the locket “Sweet Heart” is very unique and pretty and it displays really whimsical and  beautifully on the neck and I just have to handle with care next time when dealing with the oils I will be using it with, thankfully with the perfume I had no issues.

Cost: $52.00
Where to get it: Amazon

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