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ReoRia Vintage 50's Inspired Dress

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Press Sample: Product given for Testing and Review Purposes.

I love the way this 1950's navy blue and white Polka Dot dress looks on me, it flatters my shape well while conveying a fun and flirty look. I ordered a Small and it fit perfect because I stand at 5'2 with a 27 inch waist and my bust size is 34-35 B and it fit true to size.
The dress felt so soft and stretchy and it's very well made and the accent bow on the waist is very pretty. I paired this dress up with a pearl necklace and earrings and a perl bracelet to give it that Audrey Hepburn effect but in a modern way. This pleated dress is simply beautiful and has already sparked interest with my friends on where they can get it as well. I'm really into vintage inspired fashion and this dress by ReoRia really takes you back in time.

Cost: $24.99 - 29.99
Where to get itAmazon
Sizes: Small to 2X Large

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Linen Cheongsam from Yoyi Fashion

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Press SampleProduct given for Testing and Review Purposes 

Growing up, I had owned a few oriental style dresses so I have always been drawn to that style because it looked unique, traditional, chic and elegant and the same goes for this Cheongsam (Qipao) which is very delicate and beautiful.
This cream colored beige linen dress in the size XL, fit me just right because it was loose fitting and not tight at all. I'm 5'2 and I weigh 107 pounds, my bust size is 34-35 B and my waist size is 27 inches for reference. The XL is supposed to be a Small in USA sizing so sizing needs to be accurate in order for the dress to fit correctly and the length of the dress is long, a little above the ankles.
I love how the linen feels and how flowy it looks, I felt very cool and breezy wearing it on a hot day and I felt very unique and confident in it.
The design is simply beautiful with the mandarin collar, Chinese knotted buttons, the colorful gorgeous art work painting or print of a lotus flower and dragonfly and the two slits on the hem revealing the inner slip. The dress is a bit sheer on the back although it has a slip, but I wore it with some beige underwear even with that the panty line showed a bit but it depends on what type of undergarment you wear, a brief style worked better for me on coverage but luckily the dress is fully lined.
This is my first linen dress so I didn't know what to expect and when the dress came in the package and I took it out, it was wrinkle on the bottom, so I put in the dryer on low setting to see if it would be wrinkle free but no luck I had to iron it the old fashioned way. LOL Unfortunately, the dress does not have a care tag on it, so I had to research on how to care for it, which is to hand wash if it's not soiled and then lay flat to dry or machine wash on delicate with similar clothing and air dry but yes it wrinkles very easily.
Overall, this is a beautiful, well sewn, well made dress and it looks great with heels, flats or sandals and in the picture, I wanted to be as comfy as I could be and just wore my black flip flop sandals and it still looked cute. You can make this dress look casual or dressy depending on the accessories and shoes you wear with it.

Cost: $29.79 
Sizes: 0-6
Where to get itAmazon

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Mother's Day Great Gatsby Style

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Press Sample: Product given for Testing and Review Purposes at a discounted price.

Mother's Day was really special I was not only able to enjoy it with family and friends but I was able to look and feel my best especially in this gorgeous vintage inspired flapper dress by PrettyGuide.
I ordered the V neck dress in white in a size small and it fit me perfect as I'm 107 pounds a 34-35 B with a 27 inch waist standing at 5'2. I give my size as a reference for choosing the correct size.
I'm totally into being unique and this Great Gatsby style dress conveys that with it's beautiful beaded and sequin detailing, the fringe tasseled hem and the gorgeous pattern that is also on the open back part of the dress.
I decided to go way back in time with my hair with the Gibson roll hair tuck in a sparkly headband and some chandelier earrings.
For the shoes, I wore some strappy wedge sandals. I didn't wear a necklace because the dress already has pizazz and sparkle so that was the focal point.
I wore the dress comfortably for 8 hours but I did notice the dress tends to lose some thread from the beads and sequence but nothing major I just took the scissors and snipped it off.
Overall, I love the look and feel of this dress and I received so many compliments that just made my Mothers Day a lot more special.  I hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day as well!

Cost: $39.99 either in Black or White
Sizes: Small - X-Large
Where to get itAmazon

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My Mac Mommy Make Over


Yesterday was such a fun day! I was able to get prettied up and pampered at the mall while the kiddies were in school. 
At the mall, I got a long over due pedicure and my eyebrows waxed. 
As I was in the chair, the man takes out this little machine that surprised the heck out of me!
I have never gotten this done , I thought he was going all Home Depot on me. LOL
I was like wow! My feet were such in dire need that I needed this contraction on my toes.?
That part was not comfortable at all but he buffed my toes well. 

Then for the color, I wanted something natural and light so I chose the Kylie Jenner nail polish called SinfulShine with Gel Tech in Taupe is Cheap.
It's a nice nude polish by the way.

After my Pedi and waxing, I happen to pass by a Mac Counter and asked this beautiful girl who happened to be the manager , if I can pull off the cat eye and she said "Sure let me show you".
So, she introduced me to another beautiful girl by the name of Ashley and Ashely did a cute wing liner on me and made it work for my eyes.
From there, she said "Can I put some shadow and I said "Girl do what you gotta do if you have time, make me over."  
I already had a bit of liner and foundation and mascara let's just say I went to the mall with a full face but then Ashley added a bronzer, then did my brows, cheeks, my lips and then when she went to strobe, she used this outta of this world highlighter called Other Earthly.
Wow! The Glow! I had to ask hubby for it for Mother's Day and he had no objections so, I got it the next day.

Look at this gorgeous mineral skinfinish highlighter for 34 bucks! Yes, I know but hey it's Mother's Day and it's limited edition :)

Now for the big reveal! My Mac Makeover. I loved it! Oh, Yes she even added demi lashes which I asked for and purchased of course.
Here's Ashley my beautiful makeup artist!

Then after getting pampered in her chair I did some shopping at JCP, stopped at Taco Bell and rushed out the doors to pick up my kids at thier bust stop.
I was power walking because I didn't have a car LOL. But I made it on time. Whew!

I was not going to let the look go to waste and hubby was coming late so I asked my 10 yr old daughter to take some pics and Wow! she stunned me with her photography skills. 
She's my photographer in training. :)

Here is the mini shoot I had with my daughter and I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Mother's Day! 

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