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Blood Orange and Cherry Dress

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Press Sample: Product given for Testing and Review Purposes.

This is such a beautiful orange soft polyester dress with cherry lace embroidery sleeves from Zealmer but I should have ordered a Medium because it was a bit hard to zip all the way.
I ordered a Small because I never saw a size chart so I was bit confused if the dress ran small or big. I'm 107 pounds with a 27 inch waist and a 34-35 B bust and I thought it would fit without any problem. Well, actually the dress fit like a glove after it was zipped all the way up with the help of my husband. But the strange part was that once it got zipped on the back and buttoned on the open back neck area, the dress looked perfect and my husband even liked the way it looked on me. It does feel a bit snug on my upper torso area but I could still move and breathe in it and the sleeves are loose fitting which is good. I just plan not to eat a lot when I wear it again this Sunday to church or else that zipper can be even more trickier to zip up LOL
I do suggest to get your proper size so it will fit you just right ,unfortunately, I never saw the size chart above but there is one now. Overall, I really do like this dress, it is well sewn, well stitched and has a 50's vibe to it. The design really shapes the body nicely and looks great with heels or wedge sandals how I have on in the picture and it will also look cute in flats. 
Oh yes, I'm 5'2 in stature so the dress's flowy skirt fell a little above my knee with my wedged sandals but I still felt comfortable. 

Here are some pictures of me wearing the Zealmer Blood Orange Cherry dress.

Cost: $21.98
Where to get it: Amazon

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A Stylish Funky Blazer By Meaneor

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Press Sample: Product given for Testing and Review Purposes.
I love how this jacket fit me, I couldn't believe it, since I didn't understand the company's measurements listed on their page because it was in Asian measurements so, I just went with a Medium because other customers stated it runs smaller. 
I'm 5'2, 107 pounds with a 27 inch waist and 34-35 B bust and the blazer fit like it was tailored for me from the shoulders to the sleeves.
This black blazer with six decorative buttons, can be worn with the buttons unopened, all the way buttoned up, making it a round neck or with the two top buttons unbuttoned with the lapels flapped over.  I simply wore it with the flaps down and no tank inside and I felt so comfortable.

I wore it on Sunday with some blue jeans and some heels and it became a dressy casual outfit that sparked lots of attention.  I felt very confident and beautiful in it, so much that I just bought the red one and will be purchasing the navy blue as well. I figured if something fits that good, I might as well order more but in different colors. LOL 
Overall, the design is unique and classy and it covers my behind which is nice and conservative.  
Oh, yes the soft polyester material of this jacket is thick but no so much that makes it heavy. Honestly, I give this blazer from Meaneor 5 stars!  Here are some pictures of me in it styling it both ways.

Cost: $27.99
Where to get it: Amazon

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The Lilla Rose Flexi Clip

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Press Sample: Product given by a Company Rep for Testing and Review Purposes.

Today I would like to introduce to you, my lovely readers, a new hair accessory called the Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose.
These clips are meant to hold your hair or updo in place of bobby pins or hair grips.  I was given two of their clips to try and I received one in a XS and a Medium.
The clips are available in 7 different different sizes ranging from a Mini to XXL and come in a variation of colors and designs and each are named diffrently.  You choose the clip that is suitable for your hair type, length and thickness.

The clip has a unique design and it’s a bit challenging to use at first, so I needed to look at some youtube videos in order to test them out correctly.
The clip does not snap on, it slides through your hair and fastens on tiny little grooves on the sliding pin, so therefore getting the correct size is important.

The XS blue flexi clip I got is called Hues of Blues and a Medium one called Hibiscus Sunset.
The line of flexi clips Lila Rose has are very beautiful and unique in their design and color and has a vintage feel to them mainly because most of their sliding pins have a varying amount of antiquing to them so, proper care is needed to keep the finish looking good and all of this is instructed in the manual and website.

 Let's see some styles I did using the flexi clips…

The XS was super cute and it was great to clip my hair back in a half up do, and to use as a barret on the side of my hair without any assistance of bobby pins and I also used it to adorn my hair bun which looked super girly and princess like. In that style, I need my rubber band and bobby pins.

Then I tried the Medium and it was good for certain styles on me, but unfortunately not for a high pony tail or to hold up my donut bun.
I have medium wavy hair with texture but it's not too thick and it is heavy and bouncy. Unfortunately, the Medium would only work on certain styles and would slip off on others so I’m guessing depending on the style, a small clip would also work on me.

In the pictures below, you will see the styles I was also able to achieve using the Medium clip.
Overall, these clips are really nice and unique and some can take the place of your bobby pins while some are great just for hair adornment and again it varies on your correct size clip for the style that works best for you. The Lilla Rose price ranges on these flexi clips are from $17 to $32 Dollars.

 You can try out these clips for yourself by purchasing them on www.lillarose.biz/silverbellestyle
and once on the site, Lilla Rose also offers other hair accessories that suit your style.

I really liked their organic packaging. It's a really cute brown and purple paper envelope where your clips are nicely tucked in.

The outer packaging is cute as well, a bubbled envelope to secure your clips.

Here are some of the styles I did with the Flexi clip in Hues of Blues...

Such a beautiful design and very well crafted

The size clip is etched on the sliding pin, this one says XS

These are the grooves which fasten on to the clip

This one is the Medium called Hibiscus Sunset
There you have it! The cool flexi clip from Lilla Rose that can be used on any occasion to adorn your locks into beautiful styles.
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Make Me Chic Floral Print Sheath Dress

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

This floral print sleeveless sheath dress from Make Me Chic is really pretty and feels very comfortable while on.
The dress has a unique floral black, grey and white print that looks kind of blurry but it's still cute and went perfectly with my grey stud flower earrings and a sweet ballerina bun with a white bow.

I ordered a Medium because I'm 5'2 inches tall, weigh 108 pounds and my bust is 34-35 B, my waist is 27 inches and my hips are 35 but the company sent me a Large by mistake and to my surprise, it fit great! So, I didn't need to return it for a Medium, I'm guessing the size Medium would have fit me snug and the Large fits me loose not big but comfortable and still shows off my curves, so I'm not sure if this style dress runs small, but for me the Large was perfect but my measurements does not correlate with their chart. So, I suggest to size up if you want a looser fit.  I also like that it has a back zipper that you can easily slip your feet through to put it on.

I actually wore this dress for church in the morning with a little black sweater and did not take off the dress until the evening, that's how breathable and comfy this dress is, so the material being of 96% Polyester 4% Spandex was the reason why. Here are some pictures...

Cost: $17.99
Where to get it: Amazon

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MO+M Potato Ricer

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A couple years ago, I saw Martha Stewart use a potato ricer on her show and I had never heard of such a kitchen gadget before and I saw how her mashed potatoes were beautifully whipped and lump free all by using a ricer.
So when I got the opportunity to review the MO+M kitchen ricer, I was a bit surprised with the size because it was quite large. But the good thing is, It did not hurt my hand to squeeze out the potato and I was relieved because since my car accident, my hand became quite sensitive and a bit arthritic and I had no problems using the ricer.
I like that the ricer comes with 3 stainless steel strainer disks and the whole product is easy to clean either by hand or in the dishwasher.

Here's a little something I learned or you may know already. I decided not to peel and boil my potato at all. What I did was I took a medium red skinned potato, rinsed it then slit it with a knife like an equator and baked it in the microwave for 4-5 minutes. I made sure the potato was soft and not mushy, then I waited a bit for it to cool down, then I peeled the skin right off. I cut it in 3 parts and tested the different strainers.

My results were potatoes that looked like rice, potatoes that looked like hash browns, and potatoes that looked like pasta. I loved it and it was so easy to do.
For the purpose of this review, I placed all the different strains and mashed them together with salt and pepper, butter and some fat free milk.

All I can say was wow! and how I will not be buying box potato flakes any longer after using this ricer. My daughter loved my creamy mashed potatoes and so did I. This product claims it's great for making baby food but since there are no babies in my home I will just use it for potatoes and sauces like applesauce and pear sauce and guacamole. I could do a little or as much as I need.

Here are some pictures of the MO+M ricer and the results of my yummy mashed potatoes. I can't wait to do apple sauce next and I will be searching for more ricer recipes online, that's how much I really like this product.

Overall a great product, though I wish it was a bit smaller but still, it works fantastic!
I received this product for testing and review purposes at a discounted price.

Where to Find it: Amazon
Price: $10.95

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