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Alexis Vogel Rendezvous Nude Mauve Gloss

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

This Rendezvous Nude Mauve gloss from Alexis Vogel is very beautiful with a light fruity scent.
I like that the gloss is pigmented and it's not sticky, it goes on thick and looks fabulous on the lips, with a high shine and and non drying feel.
The packaging is cute and a lot of product is inside at 0.25 oz and it has a brush applicator for easy application.
The luminous gloss does not last all day but a couple of hours when wearing alone and when layered over my lipliner or lipstick the gloss lasted until I ate or drank something, which is fine because I'm used to reapplying glosses and lipsticks.
Here are some pictures below, you can see the gloss how beautiful it looks worn alone giving that plump effect as well as on top of filled in lips.
You can get this high shine lip gloss on Amazon for $22.00.

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Alexis Vogel After Glow Highlighter in Brule


Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

This is such a beautiful After Glow highlighter from Alexis Vogel's Makeup line in the shade Brûlée .
Alexis Vogel is an acclaimed makeup artist to celebrities such as Kelly Clarkson, Pam Anderson, Gwen Stefani, Paula Abdul, J.Lo and many others and she actually uses her makeup line on them.
Now back to the product:
The silver 0.4 oz packaging is really nice and when the compact is open you get greeted with a beautiful flowered design overlay that is rosy and full of shimmer and glow.
The powder feels very soft and silky and goes on nicely with my fan brush to hit the the bridge of my nose and tops of my cheek bones.
All you see is a glow with hints of shimmer and a little goes a long way.
I definitely will be using this product on my friends as well, highlighting with the right products make a difference and this shimmer powder accentuates and highlights very beautifully.
You can get this beauty on Amazon for $20.00 and it also comes in the shade Meringue.

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Makeup Brush Tree Holder

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

This is a great makeup brush holder and it holds up to 26 brushes, it dries the brushes fairly quickly over night more so the smaller ones, the bigger brushes needed more drying time.
What makes the brush tree holder concept great, is that you do not need to lay your brushes flat and take up space and have a clutter of brushes on a desk, counter or bureau like I was doing in the picture below, you simply place your wet brushes to dry upside down through the slots and keep your space looking nice and organized.
I also found it easier to put the brushes from underneath into the rubber slots instead of sticking them through from the top of the slots so that the bristles would not get smushed. Therefore, I also chose not to dry my dual brushes in the brush tree for that same reason but for single brushes it works great.

The reason I give this brush holder 4 out of 5 stars is because of the brown sticker backing, for me it was very hard to come off and I almost broke a nail trying to unstick it because I had to dig my nail in it.

Maybe, they should have an easy peel with an arrow to indicate where to peel the sticker backing from then it would be much easier to reveal the beautiful black laminated brush tree holder.
Other than that, the three pieces are easy to put together and take a part making it easy to store away for the next use.
You can get it on Amazon for $13.99.

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Stay Calm and Color

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

I remember coloring as a kid and how it would make feel like an artist and how I would allow my imagination to flow freely using an array of colors from the crayon box.
Last year, I noticed there were coloring books for adults on the market and I wanted to try one.
These books come with different intricate designs such as this one called "Coloring Flower Mandalas by Wendy Piersall.
Kuddos to Wendy, who hand drew these designs they are certainly detailed complex and beautiful.

These types of coloring books are supposed to be calming and relaxing.
My emotions, since I hadn't colored in years, was excitement at first, waiting to use my vast number of sharpened colored pencils to bring Wendy's designs into a colorful adventure.

I admit at first it was calming and brought back those memories as a kid but then it also became a bit frustrating because I felt I had to finish and didn't have enough time to do so.
Looking at all these patterns are overwhelming and I had to decide if I should color each detailing differently, uniquely, separately or just parade my colored pencil across the page.

Well, I decided to color one part at a time and just relax and say to myself "so what if I don't finish the page in one day, I'll put it down and in a couple of days come back to it. And that's exactly what I have been doing.

I also let my 10 yr old daughter share in on the fun even though it was momma's special coloring book. She too was over whelmed with all the designs but she finally chose a page and brought forth a beautiful colorful master piece.
I finally finished a page and my daughter is working on another one already but of course she has more time on her hands.

Here are some of the beautiful patterns included in this 30 page book and you can find it on Ulysses Press .

My baby girl's coloring page:)

And the one she is working on, as you can see she is becoming more detailed in her coloring as well.

The page that felt like forever for me to finish. LOL

And Voila even my daughter had a part in coloring one butterfly;)

I'm glad I own this book and I can go to it whenever I want without rush and I can stay calm and color.
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Golden Rose Cosmetics BB Cream Beauty Balm

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

I'm very careful on what cosmetics or creams I use to put on my face since my skin is sensitive but this BB cream from Golden Rose with Vitamin E did not give me any kind of irritation or break out.
The BB cream has a nice soft floral fragrance and it goes on creamy and silky, not greasy on the skin.
I like that it contains SPF 25, it's paraben free and it blends easily and absorbs into the skin and it is buildable to get more coverage.
Now, I did notice it did not cover my dark spots, zit, or hide my pores but it did even out my skin tone and gave me a glow and matte finish with a tint of color.

After 5 hours of wear time it still looked the same as when I applied it so that was good.
As for my shade in Medium, it is very pigmented and it did a great job worn alone without any powder, but this BB cream is great to be used like a tinted sheer foundation for light coverage and if heavier coverage is needed I would just put on concealer for my under eyes and zits, spots ECT and my mineral powder over it and it should be fine.

In the pictures below, I applied 2 drops of the Golden Rose BB Cream in the shade Medium with a kabuki brush, then I applied a concealer under my eyes and then added a bit of liner, mascara and bright lipstick. I was very pleased with the results and no filter was used in the picture which made me feel confident while wearing this product.
This product is made in Turkey but sold internationally...

Where to purchase: Amazon
Price: $14.49
Shades: 6 from Light- Dark 

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Vessos: Lady in Red

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

I absolutely enjoyed wearing this red hoodie sweater dress to the movies. It was so cozy and it looked very stylish and fashionable.
The hoodie itself is affixed by drawstrings, the sweater dress has the hi-lo fashion appeal where it has a lower tail on the back and a raised higher section of the dress on the front and a huge pocket to keep your hands warm or for holding keys or a cellphone.
I'm 5'2 so it fit me a bit longer than on the model you see in the ad but I paired it with black leggings and my BeBe sneakers to give it a more laid back, casual, fresh young look. I ordered a size Medium and it fit great. I'm a petite female at 111 pounds and a 36 B with a 29 1/2 waist and the dress fit comfortable and not snug at all.
The material is very well made and it stretches a bit and the sleeves are long making a great to wear on the cold months.
Here are some pictures of this beautiful sweater dress by Vessos. Oh, yes because this dress is red and it has a hood I was called Red Riding Hood and the Lady in Red on my Social Media sites. LOL . And, I was ok with that. 

Where to purchase: Amazon
Price: $15.99 
Sizes: Small - Large

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A Chic and Classy Dress By Niteo


Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

Wow! This pink and white boat neck dress with cap sleeves received so many compliments yesterday while wearing it to church.
I couldn't believe it, even this young lady that I never met before got out of her chair to whisper in my ear "I really like your dress" and some even said I looked like a doll. I was very surprised and did not expect that at all but that goes to show that this dress from Niteo is very chic, classy, retro and beautiful.
The sizing on this dress runs true to size and the Medium fit me great. Here are my measurement stats as reference in choosing the correct sizing.
Im' 5'2 so the dress fits me a bit longer than on the model shown in the ad, I'm a 36 B with a 29 1/2 waist. The material is very softly textured and comfortable but I did find out the inner lining slip had a tendency to get clingy on my thighs so I put water and sometimes hair spray on my legs and then it would go away but then return but as long as the dress did not creep up from the front or back, I felt fine.
I also like that the dress has a zipper on the back that you can easily slip on with your legs and not pull the dress over your head.

Overall, I really like this dress and its perfect for spring like weather especially for Easter because of the colors and summer but the option is up to the individual.
I paired this fabulous dress with some white wedges, some rose gold tone earrings with a pink stone and encrusted crystals, and the Nina Party Queen Cuff bracelet I had previously reviewed click here.

Here are the pictures below...

Where to purchase: Amazon
Price: $69.95 
Sizes: X-Small - Large



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Pleather is Cool Too:)

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

This is such an awesome and stylish pleather jacket from Boylymia.
I love the way the size Small looks and fits on me. For reference, in choosing sizes, my measurements are 5'2 tall, with a 36 B cup at 111 pounds with a 29 1/2 inch waist.
The jacket fit very tailored and form fitting and it felt very soft including the interior which has a soft polyester lining. All the zippers are sturdy, and they are located on the 2 side non-functional pockets, on the front which zips up from the left and on the sleeves.
The aligned fringe tassels are long and separated which allows a little bit of your outfit to peek through.

Overall, I felt very confident, comfortable and cool in this jacket even though it was not the real deal in leather but the design and feel is so beautiful it didn't make a difference to me.

Where to purchase: Amazon
Color Selection: Black
Price: $45.90
Sizes: Small - XX-Large

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The Acevog Moto Jacket

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

This is such a cute and slim faux leather quilted moto jacket from Acevog.
I would have liked the zippers to be thicker and although they are skinny zippers they are sturdy and they appear on the two side functioning pockets of the jacket, the sleeves and on the front.
The neckline of the jacket is nice with a snap button and on the shoulders and on the elbows there is a stripe design.
I think it looks totally chic and it fit me well except the sleeves are a bit long so I folded them up once.
I'm a 36 B at 111 pounds at 5'2 so I got it in Small and I still had room to put another sweater in it.

What I like about this jacket, is that you can wear it as is, like a regular jacket or wear it to dress up an outfit whether it be for a daytime or an evening look.
I wore mine underneath a sweater turtleneck dress with a leopard print scarf and black boots.
Overall, this soft pleather jacket made me feel like I was in Italy all over again and although it's not real leather it is well made and it still looked good.

Where to purchase: Amazon
Color Selection: Navy Blue, Black, Kahki, Wine Red
Price: $34.99 -$37.99
Sizes: Small - XX-Large

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