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The New Braiding Handbook

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

When you think of a Side French braid and your new to braiding like I am, you probably want to pull your own strands out because of the so many failed attempts you either tried on yourself or on someone else.

Yep that's me! For some reason, I can't seem to get the principles on doing that particular braid. 
Again, I learned a three strand braid at age 30 so I'm way behind to begin with. Lol

But not really, because of this new book called The New Braiding Handbook 60 Modern Twists on Classic Hairstyles, lol long title I know, I was able to make a nicer not messy Side French braid.

This book by Abby Smith is great for beginners like moi and for those who want to up their braiding game by adding and combining them with different hairstyles.

These hairstyles are beautiful in this book and with lots of practice and basic braiding principles these styles can be achieved.

Abby details her book with the basic hair tools you will need to get started, the basic hair types and the basic Techniques.

The Braids beautifully illustrated in the book are:

I absolutely love this Bohemian Crown Braid...

Here's a style in the book that is not a braid but it's great to know this little secret used on celebrities.
I tried it and it looked good.

Here's the Side French braid I did on my Barbie Doll head.
I was excited! I learned! and it looked neat and not messy this time.
Of course, it's not perfected but I will keep on practicing so I can do it on myself and on my daughter.

Oh yes! here's another type of braid in the book it's called a Rope braid.

Again, Barbie was my hair model lol

The New Braiding Handbook will never go out of style and I'm keeping it in my library.

You can obtain a copy here : The New Braiding Handbook  and it's published by Ulysses Press

If you are a beginner like me then this book should definately be in your library as well.

Abby is also a Blogger and Christian Singer:)
Here's her blog: Twist Me Pretty

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Luxe Pineapple October Glossary Box

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

Hello Friends,
Today I bring you a makeup company that's soaring to new heights.
It's called Luxe Pineapple it may look like a sub box but it's not .
They have a tag that says "Beauty Without a Subscription" which is nice because you can actually see what's in the boxes and choose to order if interested.
They sell personalized limited quantity but quality makeup boxes that suit your style.

The catch, these variated boxes the "Glossary or the "Box of Joy" are available every month for a limited time starting at $10 dollars.
If you happen to miss these boxes then you can also buy directly from their site a variation of single name brand makeup items ranging from polishes, eyeshadows to lipsticks in the Pineapple Shop.
Or you can choose to buy Luxe Pinapple's own makeup items in the Pineapple Vault.

I was very happy when they offered me one of their limited October Glossary "Time to Renew" box for review. 
This box is available for $15.00 on their site for a limited time valued at $38.00.

The packaging was very beautiful and organic. 
Wait, until you'll see what's inside!

A full size 4.05 fl. oz cream from Lavido. It smells amazing and it is infused with Patchouli, (bushy herb of the mint family), Vanilla extract and Avocado Oil.

This body lotion is meant to hydrate, nourish and protect and it's made with purified waters from the Sea of Galilee.

The Benefits as it states on the packaging:
* Herbally Effective
* Organic Ingrediants
* Essential Oils
* Fragranced
* No Mineral Oil
* No Petroleum
* No Silicones
* No Propylene Glycol
* No Parabens
* No Animal Testing
* No Synthetic Dyes
* No Alcohol
* No Wheat 
* No SLS

Wow! Now that's a long list of Benefits!
The scent lasted  for hours and left my skin super soft and silky.

Ok! now for the second mystery item  that I have never seen or heard of.

A Chinese Massage therapy called Guasha using an oil that scented like ginger with a stone to help reduce lines on the skin, used to detoxify and to help lift a saggy jaw line.

I'm kind of nervous to try this even though the ginger oil smells nice so I'll just have to wait and see.
It is interesting and if it works after prolonged use then it's worth it and can be included in my beauty routine. 

Hmm, I wonder when I run out of the oil if I can use it with a different oil.

Well, that's the Luxe Pineapple Octobor Glossary Box.

To find out more on Luxe Pineapple go to www.luxepineapple.com and when you give them your email for special offers you will get $2.50 off your min purchase of 10 bucks.
Now that's one sweet deal:)

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50s Fashion From Blooming Jelly

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes at a discounted price.

This 50's vintage inspired dress from Blooming Jelly is beautiful.
It's a cotton spandex dress with an intricate floral pattern in black and purple and white and has a zipper on the back.
The bust is draped with a soft silky pleated material that brings a delicate and femine touch.

I ordered an X-Large thinking it would run small but it runs true to size.
The XL was too big on the waist and bust so I washed it in the washing machine and stuck it in the dryer.

I couldn't believe the dress shrunk and when I put it on, the waist fit perfect but not so much the bust area so it needed to be pinned with a safety pin.

I wore the dress to church and then to the grocery store and received many compliments.

Overall, this is truly a gorgeous dress with that 50's vibe and it's available on Amazon and comes in sizes Small through X-Large.
A Medium would have definately fit better but thank goodness I was able to shrink it and it fits great!

Here are some pictures below...

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Luseta Lavender Dry Shampoo And Conditioner Bundle

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

I like using dry shampoos especially when I want to skip a day or 2 from regular shampooing and conditioning.
I never knew a dry conditioner existed until now with the Luseta bundle.

First of all, the lavender dry shampoo smells wonderful and it really freshened and revived my hair.
The day before, I used mousse and spray gel on my hair and the next day it was frizzy, and stiff tangled results as you see in picture number 1 of my selfies. lol I was being funny with my expression.

My little side braid had fly aways and not presentable at all.
So, I just followed the directions on the can and spray then combed with my fingers and not only did my hair smell wonderful but it was soft. Then I took my brush and brushed it down, my hair was manageable and there was no trace from yesterday's products , it was clean and fresh.

Then, I added the dry conditioner and it did not smell as good as the lavender but it was still fragranced and it made my hair shiny, and gave it volume and bounce. 
These are my true and tested results in the pictures below with the Luseta bundle.

I did not need to wash my hair by using these fabulous products and there was no white residue.

Of course, I will use these sparingly because I wash my hair every other day but when I feel lazy or just want to revive my hair in an instant I will use these products.

The dry shampoo is a bigger can than the dry conditioner, the lavender dry shampoo is 8.45 fl oz and the dry conditioner is 4.06 fl and these products are flammable so be careful when using it, but the instructions are on the back of the cans.

The Luseta bundle made my hair alive, smooth and shiny.
You can get this bundle on Amazon for $19.98

Here are my selfies using the bundle
Please excuse the no makeup look:) lol

Oh No! messy hair with a day's products in it like mousse and spray gel

Beautiful revived hair

Nicely polished look with bounce and shine

Stay tuned for more posts on...

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Fight Like A Girl With Cate And Chloe

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

Cate and Chloe has surprised me again with another one of their jewelry boxes.
Here's my former post on Cate and Chloe to get familiar with this cool monthly sub box and their prices (click here

This month and every day is very special and women all over the world should be honored for their strength, beauty and bravery when coming face to face with breast cancer or any type of C word.
I honestly hate the C word but I know many who has kicked it in the butt and has won the fight! and a few family members who lost their battle to it, but in my eyes they were Victors!

Cate and Chloe will be donating 15% of all sales from the October VIP subscription program to the American Cancer Society to help find a cure.

So, what's in my pink box for the month of October?

Tada! These cute little flashy CZ hoop earrings called the Joan Hero Hoop Earrings.

From the Cate and Chloe site:
Little in size but bold in style! The Joan earrings with their double strand of cz stones will give you just that little boost of confidence you need to be an everyday hero! 

Product Specifications:

  • Small silver plated hoops encrusted with a double strand of cz stones
  • Clasp earrings
  • Retail value: $99.00

    These little hoop earrings are very beautiful and delicate and yes tiny but they actually fit my lobe and look sweet and stylish. 

    The next item I got was a cute gold plated pendant called the Madison Strength Chevron Ladder Necklace. 

    From the Cate and Chloe site:

    As seen in top fashion forums, magazines, and worn by countless celebrity icons, the draping ladder-style necklace is a look that is here to stay! Featuring a 30 inch chain complete with 5 arrow bars, the Madison Chevron Ladder Necklace is a sure head turner! Want to make a statement without the bulk? This piece is for you! Toss on with a blazer and pencil skirt to polish off your office attire, or pair with jeans and a tee to liven up your weekend getup! Versatility at it's finest!

    Product Specifications:

    • Carried in Gold and Silver
    • 14k gold plating and sterling silver plating
    • 30 inch chain
    • Adjoined by 5 arrow bars
    • Retail Value: $59.00

    This is such a cute pendant necklace.
    It just slips over your head and neck and no clasps needed to fasten.

    And the final item which is called the Perk of the Month is a pink wristband with the encouraging words engraved on it "Fight like a Girl" with the pink ribbon substituting the i.

    If you would like to know more about Cate and Chloe and would like to become a VIP subscriber go to www.cateandchloe.com

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    Stunning Braids By Monaè Everett

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    Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

    I'm totally into twists and braids and I learned how to do the basic braid at age 30 on a Barbie doll and guess who taught me? 
    My husband yep he showed me how to do the regular 3 strand braid.

    Now I can do the fishtail and a messy French braid on a Barbie doll head I own, so I'm still practicing lol.
    Today's post is about a book that I will definitely be learning from.
    It's called stunning braids by Monaé Everett.

    This beautiful paperback book is carefully sectioned starting from your hair type to the tools you will need like brushes, combs, bobby pins and so on, to the many different types of braids that can be worn loose or in an up do.
    Here's an idea of the chapters included:

    Monaé Everett is a professional celebrity hairstylist who has worked on Mariah Carey, Taraji P. Henson, the A-listers go on and she's a braiding teacher. She's also a makeup artist and has braiding tutorials on YouTube.

    What I like about this 144 page glossy book is that the pictorials are easy to understand and follow, now accomplishing the braids and styles are another story but with practice I'm sure they can turnout good.

    Some styles I feel are not easy to do on oneself and you would need a helper but overall, the book has styles that are simple and elegant.

    I can't wait for my hair to grow longer to try the other styles shown in this book like the half crown braid where it's braided beautifully on the crown then the hair flows down like a fairytale princess.
    That one I would have to practice like crazy to achieve the look.

    If you like braids or would like to learn how to do them then I recommend this book.

    Stunning Braids is from Ulysses Press and is available at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon.

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    Mini Getaway To The Bahamas During The Hurricane

    Hello my friends,
    Pardon the absence recently but the hubby and I were on a mini getaway with our Church Couples Ministry and it was special, not only were we celebrating our 14th year wedding anniversary but we got to fellowship with our friends as well.

    We sailed on the Enchantment of the Seas with Royal Carribean and Joaquin was in the mist but our cruise was not cancelled but the port of calls to Nsssau, Bahamas and Cococay were.

    So we docked in Freeport, Bahamas and enjoyed a couple of hours on the island, the winds were blustery but the weather was great.

    My fun was on the ship, especially with the Karoke.
    It was so much fun and hilarious.
    I almost got to sing with Robin Thicke's cousin named Christian who happens to be a pro photographer but we took so long in choosing a song together I told him to go at it alone. But he never sang. 

    So before talking to Christian, I sang Olivia Newton John's Hopelessly Devoted" and then You're the one that I want " with the hilarious Karoke host Isaac.

    Now my last song, yes a lot of people did not sign up in the afternoon lol
    So I killed it with Lean Rimes "How Do I Live " killed it as in butchered it hahaha
    I sang the first verses right, then into the second I forgot the lyrics and busted out laughing and talking to the audience during the song singing you don't me I don't know you'll never see me again .

    My hubby left but then surprised me on stage, he tried to help by singing along with me but instead he was singing a different song by Laura Brannigan's "How am I supposed to live without you" hilarious .

    Are you ready to laugh?  I'm being brave as a musical artist, hey we all make mistakes I made a huge one in front of everybody but I came out laughing, I had fun! Thanks Kaylie for the memories :)

    I'll never forget that Karoke as long as I live. Even my friend Kaylie recording some of the song fell to the ground, it was hysterical lol

    Then we karoked into the night after dinner and hubby put me to sing Conga everybody did the conga line and it was epic.
    I never saw people interact with Karoke singers in that way before. We would all get on stage with each other and help each other out.

    That was just a glimpse into my fantastic weekend, yes the boat made me dizzy because it rocked a lot because of the choppy waters but dramamine helped plenty.

    Here are some pics of our Bahamas Getaway. 
    Thank God we were all safe and never crossed with Joaquin.

    The couples 

    My Hubby:)

    Hawaiian theme night

    Karoke night a diversified awesome and fun group of men singing Boyz to Men I'ts so hard to say goodbye, hubby jumped on stage too:)

    Isaac the entertaining Karoke host and I.
    He's so sweet and hilarious:)

    Ahh the sunset

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