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The Aquagenix Razor Extra- Large Luxury Rainfall Hand Shower Head And Giveaway!

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes at a Discounted Price

This is such a cool hand held Rainfall shower head and I like that it detaches so that you can have the water stream where ever you want on your body. 
It's very light weight and has different water pressures. 
This large shower head came in handy when my husband was in pain from gall stones and had to sit and relax in the tub but was able to pull out the shower head and place the water pressure where he needed it most to soothe and comfort him. 
The aquagenix shower head displays nicely and gives your bathroom a spa like look and feel. 

Here's some more specs on the Aquagenix Razor Extra- Large Luxury Rainfall Hand Shower head

  • 5 Setting Luxury Rainfall Hand Shower
  • 5" Chrome Face Shower Head
  • Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydro-Mist, Rain/Mist, Rain/Massage
  • Angle-adjustable Overhead Bracket
  • 3-zone Click Lever Dial with Rub-clean Jets
  • Hose length 60 inches

You can find this Aquagenix Rain Fall Hand Held Shower head on Amazon for $29.98

Here is how it displays in my bathroom and how it can display in yours if you would like to enter to get your very own:)

Rules for Giveaway:
Enter now through May 10, 2015
Company will ship your prize retailed at $30.00

Enter Here :

The Aquagenix Razor Extra- Large Luxury Rainfall Hand Shower Head And Giveaway!
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The Nylea Brush Set And The Reverse Smoky Eye

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I received this product for testing and review purposes.
This five piece professional make up brush is very soft and it's very classy and stylish to travel with.
The first thing I noticed about this five piece set is the case it comes in.
It is vinyl material with a zipper front pocket and then it has a snap button latch and when you open it has two flaps and your five brushes are presented in elastic loops for the protection and storage of the brushes.
I like that these brushes are dual sided and they are black and white in color.
The synthetic bristles are very soft and apply the make up very well.
There is a lot of detail on these brushes not only with the color but also with the logo and the brand Nylea name and that there are 10 brushes instead of one.
The brush set includes concealer brushes,foundation brushes, detailed pointy brushes, a flat eyeliner brush that is angled, a lip brush etc.
I feel you can almost do a whole make up look with this dual-purpose brush set.
The only thing missing was a fluffy blending crease brush but it does have the smaller brushes for detailed work to smudge the eyeshadow and place color on the lid.
In the picture below, I used most of the brushes for my makeup look.
This a good brush set to own if you are experienced in makeup because you would know how to use the detail aspect of the brush set because if you are beginner it can be confusing if you don't know what brush can be used for what purpose.
But again you can always research brushes and use them the way you feel it would work best for your makeup application.

You can get the Nylea Brush Set on Amazon for $12.99

These are my results for a Reverse Smoky Eye…

All you do to achieve this look is:
Use a lighter color on the Lid and Crease
Use Black Mascara
Line the waterline with a black pencil liner
Use a dark shadow on the Lower Lash line and smudge it
Then smoke it out by blending it
There you have it easy and quick to do!

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My Trendy Faux Makeover

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

I have never owned a wig before so it was a great expierence to wear it and wear it out.
I chose to review the Louise Maelys wig in the color Wine and it matched my medium skin tone perfectly.
This wig is easy to put on except, I had a little trouble with the hook but once I got it hooked, the wig fit nice and comfortable and it was not itchy either.
This wig looks so real that I posted a photo on one of my social media platforms and everyone thought I dyed my hair and gave myself a new hairstyle.
I loved seeing my friend's and family's reactions, they all liked it.
To my Facebook Friends and family,"Sorry Guys for letting you all believe I changed my look xoxo

I do plan to use this wig for fun and who knows I might wear it to the Avengers Movie premier.
Ok, here are my before and after shots with the wig on.
To make sure my hair was securely tucked and hidden I used the hair net it came with and I also tied my own hair into a little bun.  The results were a trendy chic and playful makeover.
The Louise Maelys Bob cosplay wig with bangs comes in a variety of colors for $14.99 each with prime on Amazon.

I have always loved red hair but it's a bit too late for me to start all over again. I do not wish to be a slave to the bottle anymore. I will let my Silver Shine :) but a wig now and then could be fun!

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Stanzino Elastic Waist Red Maxi Dress


Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

I chose to review the red Stanzino Elastic Waist Maxi dress in medium and it fit right in size but there were some features that were a little uncomfortable for me. But again this is my own opinion. 

Let's get started with the review:

I like the color and it did complement my medium skin tone. Now, as for the fit, it did fit but I found it too be a bit long in length because I am petite at 5'2 inches and even with 4" heels on the dress was still too long for me.

Another feature I found, was that it's neck line was too open and revealing for me.
I tried wearing a little material attachment to the front of my bra for coverage but it still showed a bit of skin below the bra, a little above the midriff. 
I felt uncomfortable showing my skin so I chose to wear a tight tank top which covered everything but since the dress is form fitting you could see the markings of the tank top a bit. 
It didn't look bad but still I wish I didn't have to wear one but if you are comfortable showing cleavage and skin then this dress is the perfect style. 

Over all, the dress is beautiful and it drapes over your body nicely other than the revealed neck line and length. I give it 4 stars . Here I am wearing it in the pictures below. 
Oh yes, the material felt great on my skin, it was nice and soft and I will definitely wear this dress  again with a shorter tank top or have it sowned or hemmed to my length of preference.

This Maxi dress comes in various colors and sizes from small to 4x for $18.50 on Amazon

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The Best Caricature App I Have Ever Seen And Used

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Today's post is bit different because I just had to share this awesome Chinese App on iPhone for iOS 7 or higher.
The app is called My idol and it's by Huanshi.
I found it while I was on Instagram where Anastasia Of Beverley Hill's daughter had a caricature of herself on it and she shared the name. Then I asked one of my IG followers because I saw her caricature and they happen to be the same app my idol.

The app is also going to be in English but for now it's in Chinese but by pressing the buttons you can pretty much identify with it and use it right away.

I warn you! this can take over the Facebook Bitstrip Nation which I once was a part of lol
My idol is so realistic and you can add your own sounds to it and make a little movie skit with them like riding on a motorcycle, to singing on a stage among others things including pole dancing lol. That's for sure not intended for children.

It also has choices to dress up your caricatures from wearing different eye colors, hairstyles, to different wardrobes, shoes to the type of shades you like, different backgrounds. 
The style changes are for men and women.

So how does it work?
All you need to do is open the app click the camera to take a selfie or use your own picture from your phone gallery. The app then scans your face with your makeup, or without, it scans your glasses and if you are a male it even scans your facial hair. It  also has a button to choose if you are a male or a female and Voila! your caricature is made.
I also like that the app has a portrait feature where you can see your caricature in many poses like smiling, showing the I heart symbol with your hands ect…

Another great feature the My Idol app has, it's the sharing feature, but for now until the English version appears then it can only be shared on Chinese social media but you can save it to your own gallery and share it on Instagram, Facebook,YouTube and so on.

Oh yes the best part of this app is that its Free!
So what are you waiting for ? Go have some fun and create some cute and awesome caricatures of yourself or of family and friends. I went all happy with this app creating characters for my friends and family.

Oh yes, until the english version is included you can go here to read how to use the app in English. There are so many things to do on this app that I still have to venture with but it's so much fun.

This is what the app looks like in the store.

Here are some of my Caricatures from my phones' photo gallery.

I made my friend one as well from her pic

Here I took a selfie from the app of my daughter and son and made cute caricatures of them.
She's likes Elsa and so she picked the blonde wig lol

Here's my sons selfie shot

This pic was made from my phone gallery  but my husband was pictured with my daughter, so the app allowed me to crop and zoom his face so that his face can be scanned alone.
My hubby is bald so I had to find the bald  button on the hairstyles if not it automatically chooses a hairstyle for you.

And here we are together. I just used a collage grid to put us in together.
The My idol App Rocks!

You can choose to send the movies you make to YouTube or copy a link from where ever you post it. Here's my IG video https://instagram.com/p/14b9SUCZef/
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Kiss True Volume Lashes In Chic And My First Time Applying Them The Right Way

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Wearing Falsies is not my thing. Why?
Two reasons, one, I have long lashes so thankfully I don't need them and two because I struggle putting them on.
 I can put them on others but when it comes to me they never stay in place, the inner corners are a hassle and I get frustrated and give up.

Well, I recently went grocery shopping and the Kiss lashes were on sale for $2.50 with a coupon. I have many lashes at home because I do other people's makeup as a hobby at times, so I invested in the elf lashes and a big pack I purchased on EBay that contains natural lashes.
This is what the pack looks like ...

Any way these Kiss Lashes come in a variety of styles and the one I chose was called Chic. They are beautiful long and natural looking lashes that give a volumized effect. 
I bought these for myself because I wanted to attempt one more time putting them on myself maybe it was the brand. But I came to a conclusion it wasn't the brand or the glue. It was me because I struggled and I wasn't using the right method that suited me. I have only used lashes 2 times for my music video and for the Jennifer Bradley makeover I got in December, those lashes were Demi but looked great.

These particular Kiss Lashes come with a pigmented creamy black liner. The liner is intense and I had to take it off with remover which is a plus.

Ok, so now for my Expierince at putting these cuties on. I recently saw Sineady from the Makeup Chair on a youtube video on how she used an angle eyeliner brush to dab on the glue and line the upper lashline then apply the falsies. It worked like a charm on her so I tried it.
I used the Kiss Clear Strip Adhesive glue and an Essence Cosmetics angle brush I bought at Ulta.

My first result was not good because I realized the lashes were too long for me
So below was the crazy look. Lol
Good thing the angled brush method did work.
All I did was put some of the glue on my hand and dipped the brush in it and ran it across my lashline.
Be warned! The following pics are to pay focus on the eyelashes not my liner, freckles or no eyemakeup lol
Ok let's move on…
Oh and yes the glue didn't want to come off my hand so next time I'll place it on a card or something else.

First Attempt: Boo! too long on outer corner

Ok Here's the second attempt after I trimmed the lashes. Awesome, I think!
I did it!
I was so happy and felt so accomplished. All I did was one eye just for practice and to use for this post.

I used the liner that came with the Kiss lashes after applying the lashes then went over with some black shadow.
Again it's not a good liner look because I just ran it across the strip of the lash in a hurry. But I feel very confident now more than ever with applying lashes on myself.
I think I will continue to practice and use them on special occasions.

To my surprise taking them off was easy, I just found a little lash being the false one and pulled it out. Of course I was careful because I didn't want to take out my own lashes but next time I'll use remover.

So Because I want to keep these lashes a little while longer for a couple of more uses, I chose to clean them with an oil free makeup remover on a cotton swab and run it across the strip.
I laid them to dry and they were ready to get reapplied.

I was so happy with my accomplishment that I definitely plan to buy more falsies, especially at that sale price:)
And this method of using a an angled brush with glue might not be the traditional way of applying falsies but for me it is the right way and the best way. My results proved it be:)

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A Nice Refreshing Way To Drink Healthier

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

An Infuser Pitcher? Yes, this is a great way to start drinking healthier instead of reaching for your sodas or non healthy liquids that can cause havoc on your skin and overall health.
I tend to drink raspberry ice tea, lemonade and clear sodas like Gingerale, 7Up , Sierra Mist and Sprite.
So when testing this product, I was pleasantly surprised that water can taste great infused with fruit.

This fruit infusion pitcher is awesome! It can definitely encourage us all to drink more water.
I really like this pitcher and I was able to test it out with some lemons and the results were wonderful. Actually, the results tasted wonderful. It's very easy to fill and it has a detachable lid where you put all your fruit in and then you just put it in the refrigerator overnight and in the morning you will have all your fruits infused in the water. 
Of course, chunks of fruit does not fall inside the water but the juices from the fruits themselves trickle their way down the infuser making it a great clear crisp tasting fruity water.

Not only does this pitcher look nice displaying the fruit but it's also beneficial for your health to keep you away from sugary sodas or sugary drinks. I only wish that this infuser water pitcher would have a filtration system but unfortunately it doesn't that would be a different product in itself. 
So, I have to use my filtered water, place it in the pitcher with my fruit but I still get a great tasting water an alternative that's beneficial. 
Now when using this pitcher be sure to drink up the water before 2 weeks because I did notice mold on my strawberries and I had to throw them out with the water. 
But other than that this is a great pitcher to have and you can be creative by choosing kiwis, strawberries, oranges ect.

This is how it looks with lemons:)

Another fruity recipe is combining lemons and strawberries.

Now, for the tastiest of them all are the lemons and strawberries crushed like a puree with a tablespoon of confectionary powdered sugar. Mmm delicious!
Of course, the point of the Infuser pitcher is too stay away from sugary drinks but I see no harm in making fruit water tastier lol
A little sugar won't hurt unless the Doc says stay away...

You can find the fruit infusion pitcher on Amazon for $17.99 with Prime.
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