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Bella and Bear Eye and Mighty Lash Curler Review

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

Ok, I thought all curlers were the same but not the curlers from Bella and Bear.
First of all, they are very fat, very big and very sturdy. I did not need to clamp down hard at all. They are so easy to use and no hurting or pinching occurred. They extend very far and when you clamp down it is very gentle. I really like their cute floral packaging and the generous offer they give their customers in a cute little coupon for 25% off the next purchase on the products they sell. I'm very pleased with the Bella and Bear Eye and Mighty Eyelash Curlers. In the Pic collage below you will see me without curling my lashes then the results with the curlers. I have no makeup or mascara on so the results are Real! These curlers retail for $16.00 but they always have promos running.

Bella and Bear was named after the company owner's cute cats and they have a vintage feel to their packaging, promotions and ads like their beautiful pin up model below.

Stay tuned for another Bella and Bear Review Coming up! hint (The Kitten)

You can find more Bella and Bear products on www.BellaandBear.com

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Sprouts Remedies For Colds And For Singers

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

A cold or sore throat is the worst thing you can get especially if you are a singer like myself. 
Recently, I felt a cold coming on and I had most of the symptoms body aches, sore throat, my eyes got smaller and I felt weak.
I do have allergies as well so I take my allergy pills every night.
But I still felt my body aches, my sinuses congested, knowing that a cold was coming on. I then decided to test the cold remedy from Sprouts.

I do not like hot teas, I am weary of taking herbal remedies, and I pretty much just take over-the-counter cold medicine.
But for reviewing purposes and testing purposes, I decided to give sprouts cold remedy a try.

I read the instructions on the label and followed them so that I wouldn't do something wrong.
When I read the part of taking the dropper and filling a glass of water with 25 drops I was very hesitant.
But I did follow the directions and filled my glass of water with 25 drops of sprouts cold remedy.

The water turned a little amber in color which kind of weirded me out, but I knew that I had to drink it up.
My first sip was not bad at all, it tasted a little bit like honey. It did leave my lips a little oily but it wasn't bad at all especially because it tasted a little like honey.
I took it for three days or four days in a row and took it one day two times so that I can get the maximum effect.
These are my own honest opinions and I have to say that this product really cut my cold in half.
My body no longer ached, my sore throat went away and I just couldn't  believe it. 
I will not lie, I did put on Vicks at night on my throat and my nose but I know that these herbal drops actually did something.
I truly recommend this product! I am truly a believer of this cold remedy and I never had to take any over-the-counter cold medications only my allergy pills. 
I don't know if this worked for me because I was taking my allergy pills along with it and my Vicks, but I do know that I did not feel sick anymore.

Here are the ingredients found in Sprout's Cold Remedy:
My Relief happened in 3-4 days so it may vary..

Now as a vocailst, we have to take it easy on our vocals, try not to scream, and not talk too much.
I tend to do all of these things which is not very good for my throat or my voice, but I can't help it I'm human and sometimes these habits can't be avoided.

Sprouts also sent me Voice Remedy

The taste was not for me but hey its medicine right? so after I ate my meal, I squirted some drops on my tongue unlike the Cold Remedy where I was able to put in water, But Voice Remedy works differently, so I let it sit there and then swallowed. It actually numbed my throat which is good, almost reminded me a little like chloraseptic spray.

Well in reality, Voice Remedy cleared my voice and throat of phlegm. And I when I began to sing an hour later my voice was nice and clear. Although I don't like the taste of it, I will continue to use it because it does work.

Here are some more details on the Voice Remedy by Sprouts Remedies:

Maybe that's why it did not have a pleasant taste Elm Bark, Fennel Seed Horseradish Root, I don't know how it works but it does , definitely Healing With Green:)

Both of these Products can be found on www.sproutsremedies.com

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Collage.com Photo Blanket Review and Giveaway

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

Today's post is on a wonderful gift that would surprise and make anyone you gift it to, be very happy and make them feel special .
I was given the opportunity to review a "50 x 60" fleece photo blanket from www.collage.com

Collage.com is a personalized online site thats gives you the option to create photo memories on calendars, blankets, pillows and even gift wrapping paper.

For the blanket, you can choose as many as up to 100 pictures but I decided on using 3 because I didn't want to bombard my eyes or take the time to upload more, also because I was not sure of how the picture quality would print out.

The quality of the blanket is very soft and it's machine washable and the pictures to my surprise, came out very sharp and clear. I couldn't believe the printing quality of this blanket!

My family and I are new pet owners of a Chorkie and I definitely wanted to share him on the blanket as well. When they saw the blanket,  they were very surprised and happy when I showed them their beautiful faces printed on a blanket, that reaction to me was priceless. 

The photo blanket can hang as a piece of art on a wall or lay decorated on a bed but I chose to keep it on the sofa and use it as a throw instead so when either of us are watching T.V. 

The kids loved it! In the pictures below you will see our beautiful blanket and the palm tree design I added to it  as a background and the wording or phrase that I was able to personalize it with in a special way.

I chose the phrase "God has Blessed Us" on my blanket because it is very true and very symbolic of what we feel and believe as a family.
And the palm tress because after living 10 years in Boston we decided to make a new life for ourselves in Florida.

That's what's great about the photo blanket you can personalize it the way you want and make it memorable and special. 

Collage .com was featured on Good Morning America, The Talk and The Today Show.
The photo blanket retails for $110.00 dollars but today they are having a special for $45.00 plus Free Shipping only for a limited time.
Click on the link if you would like to get this deal at www.collage.com/deal-blanket45

But if you would rather wait and are interested in winning one, Then here's your chance!
Collage.com has offered one of my readers a Photo Blanket to personalize how you wish!
Giveaway will end on March 24 and Collage.com will ship your prize on April 1, 2015 USA Only

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Mariko Ideas Scarf Hanger Review

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

These hangers from Mariko Ideas come in a set of 3 and are very elegant and and beautifully designed with sparkling beads and are made from a chrome frame.

I really needed something to hang my scarves on because I had my poor scarves stuffed in a wired basket.

My collection of scarves range from thin to heavy scarves and they all fit and hung nicely on the hanger.
Also, I noticed these hangers are pretty sturdy and I was able to fit more than one scarf on them and you can choose to double up your scarves like I did or can tie them around the hook of the hanger.
Each hanger can hold up to 5 scarves, so if the scarves are thinner you can probably hang even more.

As soon as I took the pics for this post, I hung the hanger on the clothes rack in my closet and it made a big difference and made me realize that nice and expensive or inexpensive scarves should be hung and not stuffed in a box or a wired basket.

You can get this set of Mariko Idea Scarf Hangers on Amazon for $14.99

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Pura d'or Argan Oil Set Review

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes 

I was so excited to review this Argan Oil set from Pura d'or.
It's been 2 years and half that I have been using Argan Oil on my skin as a daytime moisturizer and it has transformed my skin and I rarely breakout and now thanks to Pura d'or I get to try out their Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner.

Let's get into the review: 
My Set included a 16.oz  Premium Organic Argan Oil Shampoo,  a 16 oz Premium Organic Argan Oil Conditioner and and 1 oz size bottle of Argan Oil imported from Morocco.

The shampoo in my opinion did not have a pleasant scent, it reminded me of a little tea tree oil infused with something else and when I read the label, sure enough Tea Tree was present. That type of scent is a little strong for me. 
I did use it as directed and waited 2 minutes before I rinsed it out and it left my hair in the shower soft as can be. 
I then applied the conditioner, and that had a wonderful scent of Vanilla and Lavender. I was kind of nervous because I did not know what the scent would actually smell like but the conditioner canceled out the shampoo smell. I don't think I'll use the shampoo alone without the conditioner.
Overall, the two combined made my hair super soft and shiny and tangle free.
But there's some interesting facts about this shampoo and conditioner.
Here is what Pura'dor states on their website:

Premium Organic Anti- Hair Loss Argan Oil Based Shampoo:
  • Prevents Hair Loss 
  • Strengthens Hair
  • Adds Volume
  • All Natural and Organic 
  • Vitamins for Hair Growth 
  • Paraben, SLS and Gluten Free
  • 12 DHT Blockers
Pura d'or Premium Organic Anti-Hair Loss Argan Oil Based Shampoo is free from harsh chemicals that are the current and leading cause of many chronic hair conditions. Our shampoo is free of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), parabens, DEA, gluten, artificial colors, artificial fragrances and harsh preservatives. This gentle formula is fortified with an organic blend of argan oil, B vitamin complex, biotin, nettles extract, saw palmetto, He Shou Wu (Fo-ti) and other clinically proven natural ingredients to aid against hair loss.
Ingredients are specially selected for increased bioavailability and maximum absorption. Our Shampoo starts by nourishing hair follicles with essential nutrients to reverse any damage and begin the healing process. Biotin strengthens hair strands, niacin increases circulation and our exclusive DHT Blocker Blend promotes healthy hair growth. Continued use will prevent further hair loss. Safe for daily use, for all hair types both men & women.

Purified water, sodium cocoyl isethionate (derived from coconut), cocamidopropyl betaine (derived from coconut), tea tree oil, argan oil, black seed (kanoji) oil, amla oil, nettle extract, biotin, saw palmetto, cedarwood oil, rosemary oil, sage extract, he shou wu (fo-ti), hibiscus oil, pygeum extract, pumpkin seed oil, green tea extract, zinc, soy isoflavones, beta sitosterols, aloe vera, niacin, vitamin E, B-vitamin complex, phenoxyethanol (mild preservative), grapefruit seed extract (natural preservative), lactic acid (naturally occurring in yogurt), and dead sea salt.

Pura d'or Conditioner:
Premium Organic Argan Oil Based Conditioner- Lavender Vanilla:
  • 99% Vegetable Base Ingredients
  • Manages Frizz
  • Enhances Shine
  • Argan Oil Based
  • Paraben, Sulfate and Gulten Free
Pura d'or Premium Organic Argan Oil Based Conditioner is made from 99% vegetable base ingredients. Our conditioner is free from sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), DEA, parabens, gluten, artificial colors, artificial fragrances and harsh preservatives. Coconut and vegetable proteins help hydrate, heal and repair damaged hair from root to end without adding weight or buildup.
This gentle formula is infused with organic argan oil to add shine, body and moisturizers to all types of hair. Pura d'or conditioner's unique proprietary ingredients promote control, manageability and superior smoothness. All the benefits of a premium conditioner without the chemicals. As well as being pH balanced and fortified with Multi-Vitamins. Safe for daily use, for all hair types.
Purified water, organic coconut protein, ceteareth 20 (derived from coconut), stearyl amidopropyl dimethylamine (derived from coconut), plant protein (naturally derived vegetable proteins), glycerin (100% vegetable base), argan oil, lavender extract, vanilla extract, PF-64 (Pareben-free mild preservative), Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and citric acid (naturally derived to balance pH).

So this set claims all you read above so I will need to be using it for 3 months as directed in order to achieve the desired results and benefits.

And lastly my Fav is the pure Argan oil from Morrocco. I'ts great for hair hands, nails and skin among  other purposes.
Pure and Organic Argan Oil (4 Oz):
  • Diminishes Wrinkles
  • Stimulates Skin Cells
  • Reduces Appearance of Scaring and Stretch Marks
  • Creates Softer Smoother Skin
  • Reliefs for Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Restores Nutrient Content to Skin Cells
  • Helps Repair Damaged Hair
Pura d'or Pure and Organic Argan Oil is produced using the highest standards in the industry. Our Argan oil is imported from South Western Morocco. Cold Pressed, unrefined with no chemicals added. Safe for all skin, hair and nail types.

Pure Organic Argania Spinosa Kernel (Argan) Oil.

The key ingredient is Argania Spinosa and whenever purchasing an Argan Oil always make sure that that is only ingredient or else its diluted and not organic or the real deal.
In the pic below you will see how soft and shiny and managable my hair looked. Also I have no makeup on so this is all about the hair ;)

So, After I towel dried it I diffused it then added a bit of Argan Oil to style it.
So in my opinion this trio works wonderfully together! You can find Pura'dor and many of their other organic products by clicking here: http://www.purador.com/blogger/the-color-wheel-gallery

I am in no way affiliated with this brand but they gave me a specific link for my readers.

Also they will  provide free shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. And for the month of February they are giving a special Valentines Day Coupon for 10% off entire order. Just Enter "Valentines2015" As well as giving a free 1oz bottle of Argan oil on all purchases. This is a limited time offer, only for this month.
Pura d'or also was catering to the stars at the Oscars! Ooh I feel special:) 
Here's an Instagram pic at the Oscars! Of course yours truly wasn't there lol

And remember Taxi the sitcom? Well Marylou was at the party with Pura do'r 

And then there's lil ol me! I got blessed to try it as well:) no celebrity status needed! Hahaha

Post was sponsored by Brandbacker

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Xtava Diffuser Review


Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

This Diffuser is huge! I connected it to the Xtava allure hairdryer and I wasn't sure if I was suppose to slide it all the way down but I guess the placement didn't matter. I towel dried my hair and put the dryer on the first heat setting and took parts of my hair and placed it in the diffuser. I turned my head upside down and put my whole hair in as well. It took a while to dry but it did a great job at volumizing and catching my natural wave. I also noticed the rubber part was hot after using it but not the bottom prongs.

The next time I use it I will put mousse or gel so the wave can hold better. I also like that the diffuser comes in 2 other colors and that it collapses for easy storage. 
I keep my hairdryer in the box it came with and now the collapsible diffuser as well. Here is a collage of the Xtava diffuser and my results! The Collapsible Xtava Diffuser can be purchased for $12.00  on Amazon 

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Venjoin Fashion Maxi Dress Review


Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

My Favorite colors are pink and black and so when I saw this rayon Maxi dress by Venjoin I just had to review it. 
I ordered it in a size small but a medium came in the mail instead but that was fine because it fit perfectly. So this dress runs a little small so I'm glad the medium was my actual size.
The dress is very soft and very flattering and great to wear for Spring and Summer and it comes in a variety colors.
I'm actually wearing it in the fall but today turned out to be a sunny day. You can choose to wear it as is or you can wear it with a little sweater, bolero jacket or your favorite coverup or shawl. The fashion possibilities are endless! 
I'm petite at 5'2 and I chose to wear it with 4inch heels. So if you are taller, it would look cute with flats.
Regardless,this dress is beautiful and the detailing on the halter, waist and hem of the dress are trimmed in lace. I chose not to expose my back in public but I will be wearing this Maxi dress again tomorrow with a bolero jacket. 

Here are more descriptive details on this fabulous dress by Venjoin:

  • FASHION | COMFORT | FLATTERING: Any occasion is the perfect excuse to dazzle and amaze in this sexy maxi dress! Soft rayon breathes well and is unbelievably comfortable while the lace bodice accentuates a beautiful neckline.
  • EASY TO WASH & CARE FOR: Other dresses may require hand washing or dry cleaning increasing your costs or burdening you with hand washing your dresses. Our 100% rayon can be machine washed in a garment bag saving you time and money
  • FEATURES: Adjustable ties, elastic back ensuring the perfect fit for your bust, beautiful lace accentuating the bust and waist, unbelievably comfortable. Unlined. Imported.
  • PERECT DRESS FOR ANY ACTIVITY: This Maxi dress is the perfect dress for any activity. Lightweight, so you can take it anywhere. Versatile so you can wear on almost any occasion.
  • HASSLE-FREE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, within 30 days, please return your VenJoin Maxi Dress for a no-questions asked, full refund.

The Venjoin Halter Dress can be found on Amazon for $29.99

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Frosted Glass Roller Ball Refillable Bottles


Press SampleProduct given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes at a Discounted Price 

These Cobalt blue frosted refillable glass roll on bottles are very nice, very cute and very convenient .
I am a big fan of roller ball perfumes so I was happy to find and purchase this set.
I used one of my favorite perfumes by Elizabeth Arden called True Love and just sprayed it in the bottle. It did get a little messy but it smelled wonderful. I filled it almost to the top and secured it with the rollerball applicator. It did have perfume on the outside of the bottle that spilled but I just cleaned it with water and it was like new. The rollerball worked great and enough perfume came through it directly on my skin. I'm so happy these are refillable and I can always carry my favorite fragrances where ever I go without them ever leaking! These 10 ml bottles also can be filled with essential oils like lavender, just imagine that crazy headache coming on and you get one of these filled with this essential oil and rub it on your temples to calm and de stress your day. Ahhh Amazing! The choice is yours and thankfully they come in a set of two. No more lugging big expensive bottles of perfume now you can make them in mini size:)

You can get the frosted roller ball set on Amazon for $10.05.

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