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Vintage Flair With Vessos Fashion

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

I love this dress by Vessos!
I ordered a Medium and it fit perfectly because I'm a 111 pounds, with a 36 B bust and 29 1/2 waist and I measure 5'2 inches tall.
I give my size for reference incase you need guidance in choosing the correct sizing.
As for the dress, it is blue with a a bold colorful vintage pattern in pink, gold,and green.
It almost reminds me of those adult coloring books with the gorgeous intricate patterns that take a while to color, but this one on the Vessos Dress is already complete.
The pleated skirt on the dress which has a zipper on the side is very flowy and the bustier has an attached  black nylon cover up with sheer long nylon sleeves.
The material is 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex which makes it a bit heavier but it makes the dress look way more expensive in my opinion and it feels very comfortable on.
I totally felt beautiful in it and when I washed it in a garment bag and hung it to dry on a hanger, the dress never shrunk or lost its shape.
Here are some pictures of me in the dress.
This beautiful dress can be found on Amazon for $17.99 and it comes in sizes Small -Large.

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My Birthday Outfit and Birthday Celebration Disney Style

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

This handkerchief style cowl neck top with non functional embellished buttons is super cute and stylish.

I wore it on my birthday recently in 85 degree weather to Disney's Animal Kingdom and I never felt like I was going to boil.
I was cool in it all day and felt very comfortable in it.

The burgundy red color is beautiful and the material which allows this top to be form fitting is 74% cotton, 20% Polyester 6% Spandex which makes the fabric stretch.

I chose a Medium because of my 36 B Bust and 29 1/2 waist and 111 pound body weight and it fit just right and not tight at all.

This blouse from Vessos looks more expensive then it really is and how I wore it on my birthday, had a unique touch to it by wearing it with a short mini jean skirt with loose hems and my black suede bebe sneakers with black and beige lace boot cuff socks.

Honestly, I never thought I would assemble an outfit like this together and it worked too.
It was between classy and grunge and totally fashionable.

Anywho, you can decide what you would pair this beautiful top with, may it be with jeans, leggings, shorts or a skirt, either way it would look great.

Here are some pictures below...
You can get this top on Amazon for only $12.99 and it comes in size Small to Large.

Also, I wanted to celebrate my 41st birthday with thrills and chills so I got on Expedition Everest the largest coaster in Disney 3 times.

The best part was riding on the front seat where you can see everything.
After more rides, we celebrated with dinner and a volcano cake at the Rain Forest Cafe. 

Stay tuned for more posts to come:)
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Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

Seasons Greetings Lovelies,
First of all, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas:)

Today, I'll be cooking at home and watching movies with my family, making it a cozy Christmas.

And even though, I'll be nestling at home, I decided to fix myself up a bit with some makeup and make my lashes long and pretty by using the new Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara I recieved from Influenster.

Yep! Influenster surprised me this Christmas season with the Marc Jacobs Beauty Vox Box.

Here are some specs on this recently launched mascara from the Marc Jacobs site.




The packaging is a bit bulky but not so much that you can't fit it in a makeup bag.
The mascara itself is heavy in formulation and it's really black.

As I was applying it, it reminded me of fiber mascara in a good way, extending, thickening and volumizing my lashes instantly.
It did clump a bit so take your time coating them and what I found useful was using my guard card to evenly coat each lash but of course a business card will do.

In the picture below, I have my lashes curled without mascara.

Then Voila! The Marc Jacobs made a huge difference:) of course not their claim of 1800% more volume but there was plenty of it. 

Almost like a falsies effect.

This mascara is high end and it comes with a high end price of $26.00.
If this is a product you would like to splurge on, then it's available at www.marcjacobs.com or at Sephora or www.sephora.com.

Oh yes, if you are a Sephora beauty insider and it's your birthday you can get a mini Marc Jacobs mascara and liner as a free gift.
But you have to sign up in time for your birthday:) Yay!

Well, that's all for today and I hope you enjoyed my post and I'm always happy to introduce to you something new.

Have a Merry Christmas and I'll be back soon with more posts on The Color Wheel Gallery...

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Ollie Girl Makeup Guard Card

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

I'm not a professional makeup artist but I do like to play with makeup on myself and on others and the Makeup Guard Card by Ollie Girl is really nice to have in a kit.
This plastic durable card that can easily be wiped clean with a wet wipe, works great for eyeshadow application, giving you a cut crease look, and keeping the shadow from falling on your cheeks.
Of course, you have to blend when using this product but the placement of the shadow is accurate on both eyes.

The Ollie Girl card is also great for mascara application for the upper and lower lashes and keeping the lids clean.
When I apply mascara on others and I want the lashes to be fully extended and coated, I use a business card to achieve it but then I have to throw it away because all the gunk is left on the card.
But with this makeup guard card, I achieve great lashes and it wipes clean, easily making it reusable and sanitary.

Now for using the card for eyeliner application, it can be tricky but it can be achieved mainly for marking the start of your flick with the edge ruler it has etched on it.
This mini mini ruler etched on both sides of the card gives the option on how far you want to extend the flick for a dramatic cat eye or just to elongate the eye.
With this one practice is necessary and it really does not give you the winged look on its own, you need to mark the flick then draw the rest free hand.

Other than that, this card is really helpful when you using it for yourself or on others when you don't have a steady hand.

The company claims it's dish washer safe but I don't want to risk it. I some how wish this card was silicone so it can be flexible but it's still a nice product.
I like that two cards come in the pack, I received a pink one and a neon green one and it can be used to put liquid foundation on it for a mixing palette.

In the pictures below, I used it for my shadow application, upper and lower lashes, and top eyeliner which can also be used for bottom liner as well.
The nice thing about the Makeup Guard Card, is that you can use liquid, gel or shadow liner with a brush.
You can get the Ollie Girl makeup card on their site at olliegirl.com and see demos...

For this look on the eyes, I used my Estee Lauder palette and used only two colors the brown shade for lid and the crease and the beige color for the brown bone.
Then I used a black shadow from MAC for the liner with the 266 angle brush.
For Mascara, I used maybelline Great Lash And Billion Dollar Brows Clear brow gel.

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The Nina Box Party Queen Cuff Bracelet

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

The Party Queen Austrian crystal rose gold plated cuff bracelet by Qianse and Nina Box is simply gorgeous.
The detailing on this bracelet is so beautiful and elegant and it looks way more expensive than it really is.
Each multicolor crystal is placed and balanced beautifully and the alloy bangle cuff has a unique design and back clasp.
I have a small wrist so I didn't need to unlock the bask clasp, I just slid it on and although, the bracelet fit loose, it did not slide off .
And I can choose to wear it on my forearm as well a little higher than my wrist for an added touch of style.
The packaging is very classy, it comes in a white box and the word Nina Box is written on it which makes this bracelet a wonderful and luxurious gift.
The pictures below only capture some of it's beauty, the real beauty is better in person.
You can style this fabulous cuff bracelet from Amazon for $25.99.

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So Princess Like

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

I felt like royalty when I wore this gorgeous dark blue Swarovski elements crystal jewelry set.
The pieces were heavy and when I first tried them on they did feel a bit awkward on but then I got used to it.
The design is very princess like and the set combines beautifully.

The packaging was not that interesting because they come in 3 baggies in the box which seemed tacky because this set is so exquisite.

My suggestion would be, have a bigger box where the pieces can have spots for them and lay flat and look appealing for gift giving.

But other than that, the set is gorgeous, the pieces sparkle and can be worn with fancy or casual attire like I wore it in the pictures below.

I had on a casual dress but this jewelry set from Qianse gave it royal appeal with elegance, beauty, class and sophistication.
You can find this regal set on Amazon for $49.99

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The Muffin Tin Chef

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Hello lovelies,
Today, I bring you a lifestyle post full of aromas and goodness.
I'm very excited to share with you this new recipe book called "Muffin Tin Chef by Matt Kadey a registered dietician, freelance nutrition writer and recipe developer.

I'm all about having fun in the kitchen and experimenting with new recipes especially adding my own spin to them like I did with one of them from this book.

This glossy 157 page paperback book has tons of illustrations and recipes that will inspire you to bake in no time and all you need are muffin pans, silicone or tin, an oven, the ingredients and of course time.

The book has organized color coded chapters consisting of snacks, appetizers,entrees and desserts that are healthy and some that are gluten free.

Many of the foods look delicious and many because I'm a picky and finicky eater I'll be weary to try but there's something in this book for everyone and it can be a great way to entertain and introduce your family or guests at breakfast, brunch or dinner with these foods by using your muffin pan.

I did notice not all recipes come with images which was a bummer so I definitely would have to use my imagination to see what it would like like.

Now, for this post and of course for my family, the recipe I chose to make was the "Spanish Omelet" and because I'm picky and also like to add my own twist to things I opted to add different ingredients and take away some.

Like I mentioned before, I switched it up a bit and these were my yummy looking results...

Here were the Ingredients I used:

I diced up baby red potatoes and 1 white onion because that's what I had:)
I omitted the tarragon and smoked paprika and added baby spinach in the eggs and added turkey bacon on top of it.

I think the only thing Spanish about this Spanish Omelette was me because I didn't want the tarragon or paprika LOL
Yes I'm Puerto Rican incase you were wondering:)

Ok! back to the yumminess.

Here you see in this pic are the diced potatoes in the skillet with the onions.
This took 30 min tops which was a bit time consuming.
But moving on these were the results...

Voila! the 30 minutes were over, whew!

Pour the potato onion mixture in a silicone muffin pan.

Take the eggs or egg mixture with salt pepper and spinach and pour over potato mixture.

Here, you see I added turkey bacon but you don't have to and some I did without spinach for my daughter.

I did notice it was a bit troublesome to transfer this pan to my oven and some did spill but I prayed and it got in safely. Lol

Are you ready to see how it turned out? Hopefully, Matt Kadey the author would be proud:)

This took 15 min in the oven, a total of 45 min with cooking the potatoes but the taste, the texture, the presentation of it was, "oh so worth it. I ate two of them:) 

The Muffin Tin Chef by Ulysses Press can be found here
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