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Tami Jade Cosmetic Brushes

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Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes 

Recently Tami Jade from Tami Jade Cosmetics in London sent me her new 7 Piece Makeup Brush Set.
They came nicely packaged with the product shown on it and on the back it details what brushes are enclosed and their purpose. 
In my experience with Makeup Brushes, they don't have to be used solely for one purpose, I like to use brushes than can be versatile for other applications. This is the case with the Tami Jade Brushes.

First off, these brushes are very soft and they do not shed. Big plus! And second they look classy and sleek and they have the Tami Jade logo on it, as well it comes with a faux leather Brush Roll with a plastic covering to protect the brushes. 

I did do a full face with these beautiful synthetic brushes and I have to say I was really impressed. They applied and packed on very well. 

The Tami Jade Makeup Brush Set retails $39.97 and it consists of:

A Powder Brush which I used to put on my mineral loose Powder
An Angled Blush Brush that I used to put on my Blush and Highlight Powder (Dual Purpose)
A Foundation Brush which was very thin compared to the bristles in my other foundation brushes but it still did a great job with blending in my concealer again Dual purpose for concealer and foundation

A Concealer Brush which I used to apply my eyeshadow to my Browbone, I had no clue this was for concealer but again dual purpose for face and eyes
A Small Eyeshadow Brush which I used as a detailed brush for my lower lash line 
An Angled Eyebrow Brush that can also be used as a gel Eyeliner Brush
And lastly the seventh brush from this collection the Tami Jade Large Eyeshadow brush which packed on the shadow and applied with ease.

Overall, I am very pleased with The Tami Jade Brush Set although they should have included an Eyeshadow Blending Brush I give it 5 stars! My makeup application was easy and with the brushes being so soft without shedding I was having a pampering experience.

These brushes are 100% cruelty free and they work with powder and cream products.

Here are some pics so you can see these brushes close up.
You can visit Tami Jade here

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Sephora Gives Beauty Insiders Free Bare Minerals

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I recently mentioned in a previous blog post about Sephora and the free goodies they give their Beauty Insiders.
Well, another Sephora catalogue was sent to my mailbox and I had no clue what it was. These catalogues come in different shapes and sizes so I was not sure there was a free product offered on this one since the other came in the form of a postcard and this one like a magazine. So I decided to check the back of it and Bam! Another Beauty Insider Freebie. Yay! But this time from Bare Minerals. I was excited because the only thing I own from Bare Minerals is their new eye base I received in my Ipsy bag. But this offer was a trial size 0.3 grams of their loose powder foundation , a 4.5 ml Prime Time foundation primer and a surprise sample sticker filled with some of their new liquid foundation called Bare Minerals BareSkin.

The lady at the Sephora counter in JC Penny had a box of these packets with certain colors and I chose the closest to my skin tone in medium beige. The face primer is universal meaning it has no color and it's a white silky gel like texture and the Bareskin is in the color Bare Natural 07 and the loose powder foundation in Medium Beige which has a soft and silky smooth texture.

I personally do not wear liquid foundation anymore especially because of the climate I live in but I will wear it on occasion. I do choose to wear Mineral Powder foundation whether it be loose or pressed. As for face primers I do not wear it anymore since stopping the liquid foundation but I decided to redeem this little freebie to test it out and to show my viewers so you too can be aware of it and redeem one.

The loose powder foundation is good for about 3 applications and the primer a little more because all you need is a little of it and the sticker sample 1 use.

Here is what the magazine looks like incase you see it in your mailbox. Unfortunately, I passed on a Mag like like this last time not knowing there was a freebie on it or if there were any I would never know but now I am keen to these Sephora mailers and will always check before throwing them away.
So don't throw them away! lol

If you're not a Beauty Insider sign up it's free! So you too can be surprised with goodies especially on your birthday:)

Here's the Cover of the Catalogue

The back of the Catalogue I had to hide my address so why not with a cute sticker:)

These are the pamphlets that came with the goodies:)

Voila! the Bare Minerals samples

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Victoria Secret's Birthday Gift and Secret Rewards Card Offer For Free!

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Victoria Secret's has been good to me these couple of months:) I'm not a regular customer but boy they have pulled me in. Recently I have been getting pamphlets in my mail box with coupons for free undies and you know those can be expensive. So what do I do? Reedem them of course !

I recently bought a pair for a 6 dollar special they had and I entered my info on thier computer. Then I bought a fragrance set for my kid's gym teacher and entered my info again and with that purchase, I got the secret rewards card they offer throughout the holidays for a purchase of 10 Dollars and more which can be worth up to 500 dollars off! I wish lol

Side note they are still available 

So that was another good thing that I received from V.S. 
Undies and a secret card that has cash value, it's still a surprise until the promotion ends!

And now today I received yet another surprise from them. I just got this pamphlet in the mail for my Birthday month!!
It's a 10 off coupon off any purchase, meaning if I pick something out for 10 bucks in thier store or online , most likely in store because I have one nearby, I can get that product free!!!

sweet! Oh and off a 75 dollar purchase a free tote which in my opinion I don't need it or care for.

But yes make sure you enter your info on the Victoria's Secret Computer at Checkout for these types of mailings and also register on thier website! I never received anything from them until I gave them my info and signed up and now I'm sporting V.S. Happily lol.

And in another news I saw this interesting offer on a site called I Love Free Things about Victoria's Secret offering free secret rewards codes to your inbox if you email them with no subject line and no message in the body of the email 
Here's the info below :) I tried it and they said my code will be mailed to me in a couple of days. I'm still waiting so let's see! Try, It's worth a shot:)

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New Product Launch of Markwin's One Direction Makeup Collection Tins and Giveaway!!!


Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes 

The Famous Markwins Company has done it again! Besides bringing us the Fabulous Wet N Wild, Physicians Formula, The Color Institute and a range of licensed collections, they have a new Product line with the Popular and totally cute boy band One Direction, consisting of Liam, Niall, Zayn, Harry and Louis.

This limited-edition beauty collection is fun, Colorful and a great keepsake for that One Direction Fan!
There are 5 Limited Edition Tins available (1 for each band member). This awesome collection will be sold November 15, 2014 At: 

Sears USA
Walmart Canada

Markwins sent me 3 Sturdy Collectible tins for testing and Reviewing purposes.
Now lets Look at what's inside the beautiful Tins.
Each Tin is autographed by the members and have a colorful appeal to them with the One Direction name.

Tins include: 6 eyeshadows, 1 eyeliner pencil, 4 Lip glosses, 1 Lip gloss Top Coat and 2 Nail Varnishes

Eye Shadows:
Nobody Compares- Metallic silver
Tell Me A Lie- Metallic nude pink
Same Mistakes- Metallic mint
I Would- Smokey brown shimmer
Summer Love- Smokey purple haze
Everything About You- Smokey black shimmer

Eye Pencil:
I Want- True matte black

Lip Gloss:
Loved You First- Bubble gum pink
One Thing- Frosted pink ice
Irresistible- Shimmered pearl
Heart Attack- Creamy rose shine

Lip Gloss Top Coat:
Over Again- Silver glitter sparkle

Nail Varnish:
Stole My Heart- Magenta pink shimmer
Alive- Multi-coloured glitter flakes

Here is what is on the inside of the tin when you take out the makeup kit
Aw a sweet Sticky Note with the words Hello Beautiful!

(Here's Niall looking through the line)

Check out My Video for Swatches of the One Direction Makeup Collection

 In my Honest Opinion I find these shadows to be silky and creamy in texture, very pigmented and beautiful. They are long wearing with minimal creasing and blend very easily and nicely. I suggest using a good eye primer for more longevity of the colors. The lip glosses smell wonderful but the pigmentation is not true to the pan. But again I treat them as glosses and not stains so you can wear them alone or on top of your lipsticks. The eyeliner is creamy but it does tend to smudge so I find it great as an eye base or to be smudged under the eye for a smoky effect. The Lip Gloss Top Coat is great and it smells like Vanilla and it gives that extra kick of shine you can wear on top of the lip glosses or wear it alone. The Nail Varnishes are beautiful and great for that lazy manicure or just for the pizazz and sparkle for that fun night out!
Overall, I am very pleased with this One Direction Kit from Markwins. I give it a rating of B+ and It makes a Great Holiday Gift this Season! 

Look Number 1: Smoky and Smoldering
On the Eyes I used on the lid: Everything About You- Smokey black shimmer
On the Crease: I Would- Smokey brown shimmer
On the Browbone: Tell Me A Lie- Metallic nude pink
I used the Eye Pencil  I Want- True matte black on top and bottom lash line and Nobody Compares- Metallic silver in the Inner Corners of the eyes
and for lips I used One Thing- Frosted pink ice

Look #2: Classy Mint Green
On the eyes: On the Lids and Inner Corners I used Same Mistakes- Metallic mint 
On the Crease I blended Nobody Compares- Metallic silver with Summer Love- Smokey purple haze 
On the Browbone: I used Tell Me A Lie- Metallic nude pink
I used the Eye Pencil  I Want- True matte black on top and bottom lash line and water line and Nobody Compares- Metallic silver layered with Everything About You- Smokey black shimmer
For the Lips: Loved You First- Bubble gum pink with the Top Coat Over Again- Silver glitter sparkle

Makeup By One Direction on FB

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Would you like to Win one of these Cool Collectible Tins? If So Enter The One Direction Makeup Giveaway Below! USA and Canada Only
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Bella Eleganze The Lash Fiber Mascara

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I recently purchased a Waterproof Fiber Mascara from Bella Eleganze and I must say that it truly works.
My lashes are naturally long but when I used this mascara I was in total glee because it took them up by 2 notches in length! 
I was afraid because I didn't want to get those tarantula looking lashes when using fiber mascara but it really looks natural, almost like falsies but with a natural flare. 
The packaging is a black case that resembles a fancy pen case and it has the words Bella Eleganze and it contains a sealing gel and a fiber mascara containing green tea.
The process is a little time consuming because of the 3 steps but it is well worth it!

Step 1. Use the sealing gel like regular mascara
Step 2. While the mascara is wet apply the Fiber mascara
Step 3. Seal it again with the sealing gel

Simple as that and the results will be beautiful long and luscious natural looking lashes.
Take your time when trying this product don't glop the sealer on and just tilt your head and work slowly with it to get an even colored lash and fiber application. This mascara washes off with soap and water but I used makeup remover to do the job.
You can get Bella Eleganze Here

Here's my Before and After !

Pardon my un done Brows:)

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Larry Levine on Groupon

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This Girlie you see here is ready for Winter! It's a Larry Levine Sports Coat that retails for $50.00 bucks But all I paid was $4.80 Cents Brand New on Groupon!

Oh Yeah I'm a bargain Hunter:) If you want $10.00 bucks to spend on their deals or anything else on their site ranging from Fashion to Dining here is my link on Groupon for a free 10.dollar spending credit.

Steps for paying almost Nothing!

1. Go to Groupon and put in zip code to find your local deals
2. Go to the Clearance Tab and find one item you like for 10 bucks
3. Add it to the cart and you pay only tax and shipping. which makes your item Free!!! 
Yep! This Larry Levine was found in the 10 Dollar Clearance Tab and it only came out to $4.80 Cents

The actual name of the sports coat is called a Double Zip Soft Shell Coat with Stand Collar
and these are its specs:

  • It has a Double zipper at neck
  • It is a Soft and flexible fabric
  • It is Water resistant
  • It has a Sporty stand collar

This is a very beautiful coat and it fits perfect ! I chose the small because they run big in size. They come in this beautiful Fuchsia , Black and Steele which is like a dark grey.
It is Machine washable and you can tumble dry it as well. I'm very happy with this purchase on Groupon!
Hopefully you can get yours or anything else you want on Groupon!

More on Larry Levine Coats Here

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Beauty products for Less

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 My Beauty regimen consists of Coconut Oil and Argan Oil. I use the Argan Oil as a daily moisturizer and at night I use Coconut oil as a nighttime moisturizer! These products have really saved my skin. 
I just ordered this 4 oz Bottle Of Argan Oil on Amazon for .30 cents!
That's right .30 Cents!
Here are the steps…

Subscribe to a Free Prime Account on Amazon for 30 days and get Free 2 day Shipping, movies, music and more!
(remember to cancel before your 30 days or decide to subscribe for $99 a year not bad at all)

here you will get 150 points for signing up and they will take you to different steps to complete. once you are in you will find the 99% off coupons in your cart and choose what coupon you want to redeem. the only thing about this site is that they ask you review your product once you use it so you can obtain more coupons!!!! 
so go ahead and do it and allow your skin to be pampered by this Exquisite Moroccan Oil known as Liquid Gold or redeem for what ever Beauty product you like in your Offer list!

I can't wait to receive my mine :)

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Fancy Free and Fabulous

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