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Neocell Ceramides 

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Press SampleProduct given for testing and review purposes.

When I was asked to test out this product I was very skeptical especially because it involved taking it in pill form. To be honest, I never heard of ceramides before so I decided to give it a try and to my surprise the results after using it we’re phenomenal.
I started on Jan 1, 2017 and stopped using it on February 1.

I was able to see a dramatic difference after 17 days of using the product and more so after I finished the bottle.
My skin was hydrated and the lines disappeared! I couldn’t believe it but these pills from Neocell actually work.
They are available at Walgreens, CVs, Sams Club, Bed Bath and Beyond and Face Values stores.
These before and afters are the real deal! My real deal🙌💕
More info here: Neocell

Ceramides skin hydrator
Results start in just 15 days!
Clinically tested ceramides increase:
Moisture by up to 36%
Skin smoothness by up to 34%
60 capsules

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DIY: Pink Braid With The Hair 2 Wear Collection

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Hello to my lovely readers,
Here’s a very simple and easy quick diy I did over the weekend. I took a gray faux braided headband and dyed it with Arctic Fox Virgin Pink using a small tooth brush. I left it on for about 15-20 min and the results turned out well. I wish it would have been a brighter pink but nonetheless it still blended in nicely with my hair ☺️ 

You can get this thick braided headband on HSN for $10 bucks and it comes in the usual normal colors but I wanted one in pink so I had to dye it. This headband is very beautiful, and it stays in place on your head as long as you don’t hug a lot and it is part of the Christie Brinkley hair accessory line. I just ordered the dark brown braid as well, that one I will leave as is.
Here’s the linky to The Cristie Brinkley Thick Braid Headband and my photos..


 It transformed into a multi-dimensional braid.
I really liked how it looked and so did the hubby. 💋

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Bad Habit Beauty After Shock!

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Happy weekend friends,
I'm so excited to share that Bad Habit Beauty has done it again! Remember, the previous posts I did on the Aphrodite and Athena palette? Well, this company is popping up with so many palette dupes it's crazy.
I just ordered this new one called After Shock for 10 bucks on the Shop Hush app with free shipping. If you buy it on the Shop Hush website then shipping is not included for free. So download that app!

Back to this vivid colorful palette, It is supposedly a dupe for the Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions palette that retails for 27 bucks. And it is filled with 6 matte shadows and 3 shimmer shadows. I do not own Huda's so I can't compare but I can tell you the After Shock palette is very buttery and pigmented. I'm sure the real deal is bomb but I'm really impressed with the Bad Habit Beauty one.
The packaging is beautiful, it has a large mirror inside and the palette closes magnetically, nothing flimsy here. They just released the After Hours Collection which includes this one and 3 others which look beautiful as well.  She's a Bad Habit Beauty For sure! I experienced little fallout and minimal kickback.

These are just finger swatches without primer.
                                 This is the look I created with it and was very pleased😊

On the lids I used: Drop and BPM
For the transition shade I used a Smashbox taupe color
on crease I used Chaser
on lower lash line I used both BPM and Sensation
for highlight I used Wet n Wild Brulé
Inner Corner: Electronica

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The Joico Color Intensity Eraser Wonder on Purple Hair

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Welcome back my lovely readers!
Well, this weekend was truly a challenging one in regards to my hair color. In my last post, you saw the vibrant purple that I absolutely did not like. I tried to like it on me but it wasn’t working.
So, I decided to look up youtube videos and use my last weapon because fading it and letting it fade on it's own was taking too long. 
Last year, I bought a packet of the Joico Color Intensity Eraser and I never used it because I 
 was scared too, now I know why. LOL

Surprisingly, it's not bleach, meant for semi -permanent hair color and it's suppose to lift off the color in minutes. The chemists at Joico did not disappoint and the product worked amazingly, the only draw back is you could end up with blondish green hair like moi.

I did everything the packet instructed to do by using 3 oz of 20 developer mixed in with the 1 packet.
As soon as I placed it on my hair, the color lifted in seconds but I still needed to do my other parts and the blonde was already changing color. So if you plan on using it work fast and rinse it off. I didn’t even wait the recommended time of 30 minutes or else my hair would have turned seaweed green. oh no!

                      Hubby stepped in to help!

My results were a blondish green and I thought ready to get another pixie, but I decided to research on youtube again and I found videos on how pink cancels out green and you know me I love pink. So the next morning, I did two strand tests for about a couple minutes and the color absorbed fast. I tried a baby pink color and a straight on pink using Arctic Fox Virgin pink.

I loved the color of the diluted pink but I was afraid after it would fade, the green were to return so I went on ahead and used the full on pink. I left it on for about 15 -20 minutes. The color was already coming in super fast so I froze in the shower to rinse it off, then I added the Deva Curl One Condition Decadence for moisture. 

Love it!

So thankful and relieved I did not need bleach to take out the green, did my research and only used pink dye. In my case, it worked for me because I wanted my hair pink again but to others it might be a different story so research, research, research. I’m so happy with my end results and that my hair did not get fried in the process. 

Have a great day friends! God bless you and stay tuned for more posts on The Color Wheel Gallery💕

Oh, here's a little vid so you can see it in action lol
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Arctic Fox Purple Rain

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Happy Friday everyone! So glad you can join me on another post.
Well, in the previous post I mentioned, I had changed my hair color again. I was going for the purple trend and I got it alright. When, I took my Arctic Fox hair dye, I was pondering whether to dye it a lavender shade or a full blown purple. I wanted to dye it a single color because having it two shades was more maintenance than I thought. Any who, I went for the plunge. I used Arctic Fox Purple Rain and it was intense and messy. My hubby helped by coloring the back part of the hair and everything was once again uniformed. After I let it sit under a plastic cap for 1 hour and 1/2 , he also washed it for me in cold water. I love my man💕 
                     This was the dye I used and the results it gave me over my pink hair.



I was in total shock and all of my precious pink was gone! After seeing the results, I was a bit disappointed I didn't leave some pink in. Well, right after I saw all the vibrant purple, I decided to try to fade it by washing it under hot water and using a shampoo with zinc in it. I washed it 3 times in a row and 2 times with the shampoo.
The next day these were my results and a fade became evident but not as much as I hoped for.

I then decided to not use any more of that drying shampoo and keep washing under hot water and use my moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. 
Well, this is one lesson learned. I will never do purple again. lol 

 I don't know what's going to happen next. I guess I'll wait until it completely fades then decide.
It's fun to experiment but be ready for the results. You either will like it or hate it. lol
Have a great weekend💕

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The Bad Habit Athena Palette with some eye looks

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I'm really liking the sister palette to the Bad Habit Beauty's Aphrodite. Not only is it pigmented and beautiful, it's pretty much the dupe for the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk, which I do not own because  it's a bit pricey for me at $65 bucks.

As for the Athena palette, it has metallics, shimmers, mattes and a glitter top coat just like Desert Dusk. These shadows pop more on the lids with a makeup setting spray. I use the NYX dewy setting spray on my brush then dip them into the shadows to get beautiful and vibrant long wearing results.

You can get this this palette on the Shop Hush site or on the app for $12.00

Here's the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette which is very colorful and beautiful as well.

Here's the Bad Habit Beauty Athena Palette

                                         and now for the looks I did using some of the shadows...
                                                                         Look 2

 I'm very pleased with the performance of this palette and for 12 bucks it's a total shocking deal.
Stay tuned for my next post! My hair is no longer pink 😳😲 💟

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Happy 2018


Happy New Year! I hope you and your loved ones celebrated the Holidays in style, in love and in peace.
After my Christmas post, I celebrated my 43rd birthday in Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay, FL surrounded by family. I got on the rollercoasters, screamed and prayed for dear life. LOL
Seriously, I pray when I'm up on those rides you never know, any whoo I had a blast.
I'm so grateful to God for allowing me another year of life healthy and blessed.

I rang in the new year at church surrounded by family and friends. We heard beautiful music, prayed and played games and I won one of them that included 6 people unwrapping a prize wrapped in saran wrap at the ring of a bell, so much fun. My prize, a big chocolate bar that resembled money while we were excitedly unwrapping so quickly. Ha Ha when I finally unwrapped it, Santa was on the cover and the chocolate was in pieces inside.
We also had a photo booth set up, so it was on! Oh Yeah!

I truly hope this new year, 2018 is a blessed and victorious one for us all! Happy New Year and thank you for faithfully following me on my little blog.
Stay tuned for more posts from The Color Wheel Gallery💕

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